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The First Adult Content Blockchain-based Platform Announced by PurrNFT



The First Adult Content Blockchain-based Platform Announced by PurrNFT
The First Adult Content Blockchain-based Platform Announced by PurrNFT

PurrNFT, a non-fungible token [NFT] marketplace, according to a recent report, is set to launch the first adult content blockchain-based decentralized platform. Capitalizing on the billion-dollar market, PurrNFT seeks to become a major leader of the nascent 18+ NFT market.

Owing to the wide range of applications breaking the pre-existing entry barrier, the NFT market, per news reports, has experienced a 2,100% increase from last year, recording $2 billion in sales in the first quarter of 2021. In an era where adult content has become more accessible than ever, attributable to the increasing number of adult websites, non-fungible tokens could present a conspicuous advantage to the adult content industry by simply treating these adult content as valuable, worthwhile, and profitable.

Piggybacking on the existing NFT principle, PurrNFT will enable the transfer of ownership of digital content, once uploaded, to a unique identity. Content creators, through this, will rightfully own the content they put out while ensuring that no one can either steal or share in the revenue generated.

Leveraging Blockchain to Disrupt the Adult Content Industry

PurrNFT is revolutionizing the adult industry by offering content creators or producers an opportunity to monetize their content without the need for intermediaries or third-party applications. Dispelling existing traditional bank bottlenecks like payment delays and outrageous transaction costs, PurrNFT is set to pioneer a necessary paradigm shift that will set the billion-dollar adult industry on a greater path.

A mile ahead of traditional competitors like OnlyFans, PurrNFT, leveraging blockchain technology, will offer content producers simpler and remarkably efficient options that put them back at the driver’s seat.

While there are a few NFT marketplaces with proper focus on the adult industry, PurrNFT, through the immense potential of blockchain technology will completely change how these marketplaces function. Fully decentralized, unlike most of the existing adult NFT marketplaces, the introduction of cryptocurrencies on the blockchain-based decentralized NFT marketplace will help in attracting firms, institutional investors, and local banks.

Utilizing blockchain’s core facets; anti-censorship, an immutable code, permanence, anti-hacking, security, and decentralization, PurrNFT is poised to move the adult industry to the next stage — a world where content creators own, release, and earn [in full] off their content, independently.

PurrNFT Upcoming Presale

Designed to break the monopoly in the adult content industry which has left genuine content creators at a disadvantage, PurrNFT, through the introduction of cryptocurrencies will act as a catalyst to the growth of this market.

One of PurrNFT’s key goals is to attract investors, and per a recent press release, its upcoming presale slated for Monday, November 29, 2021, is one of its plans to raise money for further development via early investors who will become a part of the platform.

With the launch of the PurrNFT Token [PURRX] — which according to the development team, will fuel the PurrNFT marketplace, a presale is expected to take place. The first round is scheduled to run from November 29th, 2021, to December 12th, 2021. A total of 400 million PURRX tokens will be made available for purchase at a public price of $0.0010. Built on Binance Smart Chain [BSC], the acceptable currencies are BNB and BUSD with 1000 BUSD being the price threshold.

The platform is set to be launched in December 2021, with the second round of presale and ICO billed for January and March 2022, respectively.

While platforms like OnlyFans have played key roles in the proliferation of the adult content industry, the caveat, however, is that they are centralized platforms subject to the policies of traditional banks and world governments. Taking an untrodden path, PurrNFT will revolutionize the industry through the usage of blockchain technology and the introduction of a native token.

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Decentraland has a rental feature. How to rent land in Decentraland?



Decentraland renting

The Decentraland metaverse has a LAND rental feature. The rental tool will play a crucial role for community space and digital real estate platforms. How to rent land in Decentraland?

Decentraland’s white paper states that the new rental system uses an Ethereum transaction and a combination of signatures stored on a server operated by the Decentraland Foundation. The smart lease contract relies heavily on offline signatures. Offline signatures allow LAND owners to list their LANDs on Decentraland rentals without paying transaction fees.

By signing a listing, a smart contract can then verify that the signer created the listing. This provides a secure and decentralized rental mechanism. LAND owners can already list their LANDs (lots or buildings) for rent on Decentraland Marketplace.

First, owners approve a smart contract to lease an LAND on their behalf. Once approved, they can set the rent price per day in MANA tokens. The price per day multiplied by the number of days the tenant wants to rent, is what the tenant has to pay upfront and in total for that rent.

After receiving the rent, owners can put the LAND back on the lease or ask for it back. To return the LAND, a transaction must be sent confirming the transfer of the operator’s rights from the tenant to the owner, including the gas fee. During the lease, the owners cannot sell the LAND until they get the property back.

Land in Decentraland costs an average of $3,000. Leases will cost between 14 and 3,000 MANA per day ($5.75 to $1,230 at the time of writing). Meanwhile, the most expensive plot of land in Decentraland has ever been priced at $3.5 million. The Fashion Street Estate plot sold at the end of November 2021 for 618,000 MANA.

We previously reported that a Chinese court ruled that NFT is virtual property.

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The Wolf of Wall Street tells why not to invest in crypto



why not to invest in crypto

Former stockbroker, widely known as the “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort spoke about why not to invest in crypto and shared his opinion on the current state of the cryptocurrency market

He said that right now he would not approach cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

“Other than those two coins, Bitcoin and Etherium, I literally would not touch cryptocurrency with a 10-foot pole right now,” Belfort said.

That said, Belfort believes that these cryptocurrencies should make up a very small part of his overall investment portfolio. In other words, he would not recommend investing in the cryptocurrency market.

“The best investment is to buy the S&P 500, go into Vanguard, one of the other really ultra-cheap funds or ETFs, and put more money into it,” the former broker advised.

Why is investing in crypto a bad idea?

For those who have already bought other coins, Belfort cautioned against panic selling – “the worst time to sell is usually just because things are at rock bottom, people panic and sell at the worst possible time.” Thus, the decision to sell assets should be made based on the specifics of each coin.

“You have to go back to the time you bought it and say, ‘What were my reasons why I made that purchase?” – he believes.

Back in the summer, the former stockbroker retracted his 2017 anti-cryptocurrency views, admitting that his initial predictions of BTC falling to zero were wrong. Specifically, he advised bitcoin dealers to hold their positions for at least 36 months. He is confident that cryptocurrency has a decent chance of growing over that period. Projects like Polkadot are also worth considering.

At the same time, “Wolf of Wall Street” admitted that one should only invest in projects that have already proven their usefulness and viability. He even called for sending creators of “meme” cryptocurrencies to jail because such coins have no value.

Earlier we reported that the UK Treasury Department wants to restrict crypto business in the country.

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Binance news today: exchange in talks to acquire Indonesian crypto exchange – media



CEO Binance

Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance is in talks to buy Indonesian cryptocurrency exchange Tokocrypto. According to a TechinAsia source, Tokocrypto head Pan Xue Kai will resign after the deal.

In a reaction to the rumored acquisition, Tokocrypto Vice President of Corporate Communications Rieku Handayani said exchange officials could not comment on rumors or speculation.

“Binance has been one of Tokocrypto’s investors since 2020 to co-develop the company and help build the crypto asset industry in Indonesia,” he said.

Tokocrypto focuses only on developing crypto-assets, doing everything to encourage business and industry growth.

“Tokocrypto is focused on building a sustainable business and actively continuing to grow the crypto-asset industry, which has grown significantly. The company continues to encourage healthy business and industry growth while prioritizing customer education and protection,” he added.

Last week, Binance had already bought Sakura Exchange BitCoin (SEBC), a trading platform registered in Japan, to expand its operations in that Asian country. Thanks to the deal, the company will be able to operate in the Japanese market as an entity regulated by the Japan Financial Services Agency (JFSA). This is another attempt by Binance to return to the country of the rising sun after a failed attempt to do so four years ago.

The company is also interested in establishing relations with Georgia. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao and Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili discussed the problems of regulation of crypto exchanges. Among the plans outlined at the meeting were are developing Georgia as a center of modern financial technology and the expansion of Binance.

Earlier we reported that hackers in North Korea are stealing cryptocurrency with the help of trading bots.

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