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Alphabet Inc (Google) Class C

What’s the Price of GOOG Stock For Today And Everything You Should Know About the Stock

Would you like to know all about GOOG stock price today, and what’s the price of GOOG stock prediction? Read this article made by to stay informed with updated information!

What Is the Difference Between Alphabet’s GOOGL vs. GOOG?

GOOG and GOOGL are stock ticker symbols for Alphabet (the company previously known as Google). The major contrast between the GOOG and GOOGL stock ticker symbols is that only GOOGL shares have voting rights, while GOOG has none of them.

The organization formed a new class of non-voting stock in April 2014 and disseminated a Class C share for each Class A share formerly held by shareholders. The shifting preserved the majority power of founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. When businesses go public, founders often lose authority over time as additional share offerings and deals leave them in immaturity.

Alphabet’s founders are stubborn to remain in the management of the corporation, a goal shared by other tech tycoons. Markets and investors can be short-sighted in their affirmation of immediate effects, even at the cost of long-term plans. The stock split allowed Brin and Page to take the power of public-market liquidity while keeping majority authority of the business.

GOOG Stock Price Chart Info

What’s up for today?

The current stock price of GOOG is 2,370.76 USD with a volume sum of 1,952,513. The average volume is 1,527,864. Today’s market cap is 1.556T.

GOOG stock price target: is it Up or Down?

GOOG price is up by +$117.07 (+5.19%). Trends are saying that you should buy or strongly buy!

What about after-hours?

GOOG after-hours stock price is 2,377.00. This means that the price increased by +$6.24 (+0.26%). After hours: 07:59 PM EDT.

How to know the GOOG pre-market stock price?

To know GOOG pre-market stock price, you should know that the pre-market stock price opens from 8:15 to 9:30 a.m. ET. You can discover the pre-market price through the trading service you are using.

What is the historical MAX for GOOG?

On the 1st of October 2021, there was a price on the chart of $2,965.41.

GOOG stock price prediction

According to Money CNN and their forecast, for the following 12 months, Alphabet Inc’s stock price will be $3,190.00 as a medium target price. GOOG may reach $4,533.34 as it’s the maximum rate and drop to $2,371.52 as the minimum price may take over the chart. Such a forecast was prepared by 44 analysts. Also you can see Nio stock price prediction and Ebay stock price forecast.

GOOG stock price prediction 2022, 2025, 2027

What about the future? is stating that to the most delinquent long-term prediction, Alphabet Inc’s price will punch $2,500 by the edge of 2022 and then $3,000 by the end of 2024. GOOG price will increase up to $3,500 during the year 2025, and jump to $4,000 in 2026 and $5,000 in 2027.

In the next source,, we predict coming values with specialized analysis for a broad preference of stocks like Alphabet Inc. Their team proposes that the “GOOG” stock price target forecast for 2027-06-16 is $5238.090.

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