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Are you looking for a reliable broker to start trading? We have gathered all the information about the broker called eToro. On this page, we will outline the sides of the eToro broker review: about the company, pros, and cons, account types, regulation, compliance, about the brokerage platform, reliability & security.

A Couple of Words About

eToro is one of the popular USA brokers of AAA level. The enterprise has been performing its services since 2007 and has a complex tier of support, and a huge amount of assets to trade. eToro broker type is trustworthy, open, and easy to start working with.

Pros & Cons

Is eToro a good broker? To make a balanced answer, we will provide positive and negative sides. eToro is one of the most trusted, effective, progressive, community-friendly, and flexible brokers for US traders.


  • The enterprise has shown to all that it operates effectively since the beginning (2007). So, is a trusted broker;
  • Is day-trading allowed on eToro? Oh, yes, it does, and you can have a variety of handy operations per 1 account;
  • The brokerage performed by the company is considered to be a minimal risk due to its base (one tier-2 and two tier-1 functions);
  • eToro is a nice instrument to execute social copy trading (you can spot worthy trading schemes and mimic them);
  • The network allows trading for various assets: commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrency with more than 3000 symbols available;
  • A perfect place for green investors;
  • A friendly and open community of users;
  • It supports both desktop and mobile app tools;
  • You can use the permanent insurance for up to €1 M.


  • The price is higher than in some other brokers;
  • Some of the needed tools are solely for Club members;
  • There are obligations that can limit the usage of trading methods.

eToro Brokerage Account Types

Regular accounts

To open a regular account, you should spend a couple of minutes and have a wallet starting from $50. Fast, cheap, and easy.

VIP cabinets

The company suggests buying a VIP eToro Club membership (there are 5 tiers to choose from, starting from Silver to Diamond membership). Brokers may take part in eToro prime club by having a balance of $5.000.

Of course, VIP memberships offer super-cool privileges and extra arsenal ranging from key-pass to Trading Central to professional private account managers.

Compliance & Regulation

There are several tier-1 regulators: FCA, and ASIC. There are low trust, average trust, and high trust tiers granted to the platform. It complies with tier-1, tier-2, and tier-3 regulations. eToro broker obtains a vast of positive expert opinions and reviews from the users. Reliability & Security

According to the trust score, the firm is admitted to be a trustworthy company with a rating of 93 out of 99. is a great broker for forex trading.

Trading Platform eToro

The broker delivers a human-friendly and optimized web trading platform, where social buying and selling is also an option. As for the minus, it has limited customizability.

The system has its versions for:
  • Desktop;
  • Mobile (IOS, Android);
  • Website.

eToro’s system is reflexive and comfortable to operate by newbies. It supports 21 languages.

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