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What is a broker and ​​trading broker does? What different types of brokers exist? Get to know all the exciting information about brokerage. The notion tells us that the sphere of brokerage covers services such as having a loan, investing, buying real estate, etc. To efficient operations conducted between buyer and seller, there is a third party that finds, helps, and connects them. Such kind of activity is performed by a broker who earns from a commission taken for mediation services.

Risk Warning

Trading in financial instruments and/or cryptocurrencies involves high risks including the risk of losing some, or all, of your investment amount, and may not be suitable for all investors. Prices of cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and may be affected by external factors such as financial, regulatory or political events. Trading on margin increases the financial risks.



Features We Like

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  • Intuitive Social Trading Platform
  • Low Fees
  • Licensed Broker

Trusted Partner

  • Demo account is present;
  • Broad range of educational and learning tools;
  • Low deposit: from $50;
  • Free account opening.

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  • CySEC regulated;
  • Analytical reports and technical support;
  • More than 3000 financial tools.

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  • Low Forex CFDs taxes;
  • Special dividends and bonuses;
  • Low deposit: from $100;
  • Withdraw taxes is $0;
  • Demo account is present.

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  • No trading, account, deposit and withdrawal fees;
  • Low deposit: from $10;
  • Bonuses: promo codes, Traders Union gifts, deposit and trade bonuses;
  • Operating auto trading bot;
  • Demo account is present.

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  • Welcome bonuses: from 1 to 12 stocks that value up to $30.000;
  • Demo account is available;
  • No fees for crypto, ETFs, equities, OTCBB trading;
  • The trading platform is flexible;
  • Superior regulation.

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  • Minimum deposit: from $5;
  • Stop out/Margin call: 50%/100%;
  • About 1300 trading instruments;
  • Demo account is available;
  • There is a VPS service.

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  • Demo account is available;
  • 1.000 spread betting items;
  • Over 2100 assets to trade;
  • Free educational tools;
  • Superior regulation.

Do you need to be a legal person to operate as a broker? Not only legal entities can perform such activities, but also individuals.

Mediation on the market is a very important and mindful performance. A broker should solve all clients’ issues by taking fees for executed services. The extra operations include lending to clients for margin trades, providing information support about the status of trading platforms, etc.

Why Global Financial Brokers Are Important for the Market?

Indeed, broker businesses bring a more comprehensive action besides mediation. Without agents, the financial market itself would not exist. For example, the best stock brokers in the USA are responsible for massive operations that allow for improving global transactions and changes in the market.

Functions of a Brokerage

The main function of a broker is to solve the client’s issues for a fee. Nevertheless, there are other broker processes existing today. Brokers can:

  • Manage trades on the financial stock markets at the expense of the customer and on his behalf.
  • Deliver information support about the status of trading platforms, sending information about quotes and trading instruments.
  • Supply data about other market players, making the proper decision for the client to perform the transaction
  • Giving clients access to a trading account and the online trading platform to do selling and buying assets;
  • Lending to customers for margin operations.
  • Keeping and securing customer data.
  • Making a technical background to make exchange operations.

What Types of Brokers Exist?

Full-service brokerage

Such mediators give a wide range of pro services to clients:

  • equity analysis;
  • investment support;
  • ax tips, etc.

Discount broker

Discount brokers are US, EU, Asia, and UK stock brokers that act as buyers and sellers of orders at reduced commission stakes. Generally, such activity is performed by UK and US stock brokers.

Online brokers

Brokers trading online is a specific branch of the global brokerage. They have a brokerage account or even make complex trading using platforms and generating accounts for traders to perform digital investments and operations with assets online (online stock trading, commodities buying and selling, etc). Broker accounts have a broader range of functions and give more potential to operate successfully on the market.

How does online trading work?

With the development of the internet and executing digital investing, buying, and selling online, brokerages have come to the next level. The main benefits of online trading are low commissions, availability, global operations, speed, and international security.

Specializations of Brokers

With the development of the market, new specializations of brokerage emerged. Right now, there are various specializations of brokers:

  • index brokers;
  • credit brokers;
  • stock brokers (they are in high demand recently);
  • leasing and loan brokers;
  • investment brokers;
  • insurance brokers;
  • indices brokers (US indices brokers particularly);
  • real estate brokers;
  • business brokers.

What Next?

On, you may find information about the best online stock brokers and read about news concerning recent news in various areas connected to trading and brokerage. Also, there are topics about the best broker to invest in index funds, to buy and sell digital investments and so much more!

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How to choose a broker in 6 steps

You have decided to invest: you understand how the market works, and you have prepared the amount to fund your account. You have already decided on the securities you want to own and are ready to buy them, but you need an intermediary, which is a broker. Here are some tips on how to choose it. It is impossible to trade on the stock exchange without an intermediary, so investors resort to the help of a forex brokers list.

Who is a forex broker and why do you need one?

A broker is a professional participant in the securities market, who, on behalf of his client, makes transactions with securities and concludes agreements, such as options and futures contracts. In other words, it is an intermediary between the investor and the stock exchange, where traders trade stocks and indices

A brokerage company needs a license – it is issued by a licensor. What will a broker do when an investor enters into a contract with them?

  • Open two accounts: a brokerage account and a depository account. The first one is used to transfer money through it; the second one is used to store the purchased securities.
  • Provides custody services. The depositary is a market participant that keeps records of transactions with securities and ownership rights to them. Thus, the investor’s securities are not with the broker, but are kept in the depositary, and the broker can legally take the assets out of there only by order of the client.
  • Will execute the investor’s orders to buy and sell assets.
  • He will withhold taxes from the profits and dividends received. How this procedure works with foreign securities must be specified separately.
  • Will prepare reports. What securities the investor bought, what they earned on this, what commission was deducted by the sites for trading – all this can be seen from the report. The broker records any transactions of the client.

Of course, the information about the trades, which is owned by the broker, must be passed on to the investor. First, it is about the value of the securities and the change in their price. Also, the broker can provide ready-made investment ideas, as well as expert analytics, educational texts, courses or videos, which will help the investor to better understand the current situation on the market. Note that if your trader wants to work with cryptocurrency, you need special exchanges. 

How to decide which trading brokers to choose?

Before deciding which online trading companies or brokers will serve you, decide on your investment objectives: have you decided which markets you will enter and whether you will trade? Before making any investment move, it’s best to be clear about your goals. Now let’s look at what to consider when choosing a top online trading site for beginners.

Step 1: Check your license best platform trading stocks

You need to start by checking if you have a license. The Central Bank regularly checks the best day trading platform for compliance and may revoke the license if violations are discovered. If the license is revoked, top trading brokers suspend their work and undertake to return the funds to the client.

Step 2: Gather information from public sources

Get acquainted with the best platform trading website. It is a good idea to check the company’s financial data. A little dive into the history of the company will not be superfluous. Check whether there have been any court proceedings, failures in operations, license suspensions – and for what reasons.

Examine information from other sources – the organization’s ratings and statistics are available on the exchange’s website. Check what has been written about best trading brokers in USA in the industry media, and do not forget to do fact-checking; that is, pay attention to the reliability of the source and double-check the data.

Step 3: Find out about opportunities to enter other markets

You need to find out about the availability of markets. Qualified investors can trade on stock exchanges in different countries – but again, not every top forex brokers list provides this opportunity.

Step 4: Familiarize yourself with commissions and fees

Brokers receive a commission on the amount of a transaction. Study the rates on the websites of different brokers. Large organizations usually offer several rate plans. To choose the best plan beforehand, which markets you are planning to trade in (Stocks, Futures, OTC) and how often.

Online trading companies or brokers may charge not only transaction fees, but also commission for depositing or withdrawing funds, using a trading platform, submitting phone orders and other fees. Also, it is important to keep in mind the existence of subscription fees – if there is one, then the trading brokerage will work even if there are no trades.Consider the depositary services, which may be fixed and included in the brokerage fee or may vary depending on the number of securities.

Step 5: Evaluate the convenience of the service

If you are planning to use a trading terminal, that is, software for making transactions at the exchange – look at what kinds there are and how they work, which one offers the best trading websites and whether you understand its interface.

Forex brokers list now have mobile trading applications. If they are available in a demo version – download and try it, so that you can find out whether the interface is user-friendly and whether it is comfortable for you to work in the application.

Step 6: Check out the education and analytics sections

Training materials, investment ideas, analysis and research articles and forecasts are useful for best stock broker beginners and more advanced investors alike. Many brokers now offer articles, webinars, podcasts, video courses, and more to their clients. This can be another factor that will make you pay attention to this particular organization.


  • A top broker in the USA is a professional intermediary between an exchange and an investor who will make trades on their behalf.
  • A brokerage firm will open accounts for you, pay your taxes, and report on your trades.
  • Check for a license and find reliable information on trading on reliable official sources.
  • Gather information on the availability of instruments and markets, as well as commissions and fees.
  • Make sure the best brokers for beginners offer a convenient service.
  • Find out if best trading brokers have training materials – they can help you better understand the intricacies of trading.

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