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Cryptocurrency Prices — Cryptocurrency prices is proud to present a section of our website that any trader or person that is interested in Crypto can open at any time and will get 24/7 real-time information about what is going on in the market.

Our team of competitive analysts, developers, and Crypto enthusiasts will make sure you get the latest changes in Crypto so you can use our interactive dashboard for good.  

You can be sure the results are everchanging directly as they are on the market and you can freely use the dashboard for predictions, to count your return of investment and other activities connected to Crypto. 

Cryptocurrency price predictions as part of Letizo

At we believe in accuracy, the power of the media, and how the latest news is perceived by our readers.

We are making sure to post quality news and changes in courses every 15 minutes so you always have high-quality information place to doublecheck. Of course, we do provide news about: 

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  • Crypto news and crypto price predictions

For the last couple of years, Crypto is showing potential and is becoming even more authentic as time goes by.

Also, different currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. are showing huge potential on the market and their evaluation will grow stronger in the next years.

Yes, there are some top coins you can invest in and there are many altcoins that are considered not to be trustworthy by many analysts because of their main ideology and real projects.

However, Letizo will not tell you or give any advice on which you should invest. This research is strongly up to you.

We are here to give information as it is in real-time and not interfere with your actions. If you want to get the latest trends, news, bull runs, crashes, and more, then we can freely say that you are always welcome to

Letizo and the TOP 100 Crypto coins

On our website, you will find the chart on which you monitor all changes on the market in real-time. If you “hodl” Bitcoin, then you should be looking out for that cryptocurrency.

Depending on your portfolio, you can check our Cryptocurrency list price chart and form your own opinion and predictions for the future. is just a strong tool through which you can gather all the pivotal data about Crypto and after rightly done the research, you can proceed with the investing process.

On our Cryptocurrency prices page, you will find what you are looking for. Our information is always in real-time and all data we provide is accurate.

At Letizo we do not speculate in any form with information and charts. Everything you see is shown accordingly.

Why to choose

Our team at Letizo is full of professionals on market topics. We exceed in finance, money, Forex, Crypto and want that knowledge and well-presented news to get to you, so you can benefit in several ways.

When it comes to Crypto, we all know it is the most dynamic area right now and changes can happen in a blink of an eye.

Market caps, bullish cycles, newcomers, and old coins are important but properly managing all the information is a key to making cryptocurrency predictions and succeeding at investing.

With that being said, Letizo advises you to read on multiple sources and make predictions based only on further research.

A lot of people need to realize that investing especially in new altcoins and projects is a tricky game and if you did not make your research the way you should have, you can lose your budget fast.

Letizo is here to provide information so you can begin your journey. You will always read the latest news and price changes from the team, but remember not to take any advice or opinions as final.

If you are a person who wants to get deeper into Crypto prices and how to look for market cap, volume, supply, 24 hours changes, then welcome to

What does the price of cryptocurrencies depend on?

Centralized economy has clear mechanisms, which form the rate of fiat currencies, but in the case of a decentralized economy with cryptocurrencies everything is completely different. There are no transparent and understandable algorithms, but there are factors, under the influence of which the rates of digital coins change.

Speculators, holders, investors and other users watch the behavior of the market. All of them have the same goal: to increase their financial assets with the help of cryptocurrencies. We are going to help you to understand how to earn on the difference of rates, telling you about the main factors, influencing prices of digital coins.

There are many cryptocurrencies — Paxos Standard, MINA Protocol and many others. Often these are unique projects that solve certain problems.

The relationship between crypto market and fiat

The main difference between crypto markets and fiat money is that this money is backed by central governments and is legal tender. In fact, their value is based on government claims that they have a certain value, and the two transactions accept the current rate.

All countries operate a system of fiat currencies. Central banks, monetary reserves, and financial mechanisms are used to control the supply of money. Accordingly, government agencies take control of inflation. Digital coins, in turn, are outside the control of the government and the authorities, and in many regions are not legal tender. In most crypto markets, the supply is fixed, so devaluation is ruled out.

In other aspects, similar characteristics support the value of digital coins and fiat money. Both types of assets are used as a medium of exchange or payment for services and goods.

What factors influence the price of Bitcoin and altcoins?

A variety of tokens affect different tokens in the cryptocurrency world. Fundamentals are known to be almost irrelevant, but that’s not entirely true. They have an indirect impact on pricing.

Consumer price indices, GDP, statements by heads of national banks have no effect on crypto market prices on the cryptocurrency market. but they influence investors and traders who make decisions to buy or sell coins. All factors affecting cryptocurrency rates can be divided into three big categories: economic, technical and those related to the demand for the coin.

Economic Factors

Cryptocurrency market prices are constantly changing. The economic factors that affect it include:

  • Using digital assets in real financial transactions;
  • Coin issuance volumes;
  • The average transaction rate.;

Analysts are constantly analyzing the ratio of BTC volume used to pay for goods and services in real transactions and trading on the exchange without real coin delivery. It turns out that the higher the volume on the exchange, the more often the currency is used for financial transactions in the real world. This has a favorable effect on the coin’s exchange rate.

Technical factors

Creators of cryptocurrency platforms strive to achieve privacy, decentralization, cheapness and speed of transactions. The more advanced a digital asset is, the better its chances of strong growth in the market. Other technical factors include:

  • Regulators are trying to find tools to take control of crypto, and some countries are trying to ban cryptocurrency;
  • forks and other technologically important events that cause bitcoin and other coins to rise and fall;
  • problems on exchanges related to security and regulation.

Demand for coins

Trader and investor interest in bitcoin and other digital coins affects their rates, but not as much as many people imagine. In fact, interest only increases the demand for tokens and pushes the price to the right levels. This information is important for traders who are used to making money on short-term trades. For long-term investments, this method practically does not work.

Why are crypto prices today different on different exchanges?

Many newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies often do not understand why cryptocurrency prices for the same cryptocurrency can be different on different exchanges. As a rule, the higher the demand (expressed in the number of buy orders), the higher the value. Crypto prices today rise until all buy orders are closed, after which the demand is considered satisfied.

Subsequently, there is an expected correction because digital coin owners have not had time to sell everything and are forced to lower the price. This continues again until the assets are bought up.

To analyze the market, you can use the stock market tumblr, which is a list of prices where you can see all the bids placed. By focusing on it, traders track the current market situation with crypto currency prices. Sellers and buyers on exchanges may have different objectives, which is the background of the differences in the prices of coins.

The absence of restraining factors provoking fluctuations in digital coins prices indicates problems with authoritative liquidity providers. In the case of fiat money, the deterrents come from the government and economic regulators.

How do I calculate the bitcoin exchange rate?

Using all of the factors mentioned above, it is possible to analyze the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Traders should carefully check all news that can affect the value of coins and the dynamics of the exchange rate. To calculate the further rate of the coin, the following factors should be considered:

Economic news

Amid scandals, bitcoin price goes down drastically, as traders, frightened or disappointed in the coin, begin to get rid of their assets. Later, other market players start to buy BTC or ETH, which leads to a rise in the price of tokens.

Crypto Prices Live: Controlling Jumpers

Bulls usually wait for Crypto prices to live smoothly; after that they start wide purchasing of assets. As a result, the crypto prices chart starts to rise sharply. If you catch this wave at the right time, you can earn on the price change.

Technical analysis of cryptocurrency prices live

It allows determining the price corridors, the lower and upper price levels, and overbought zones. It is important to trace the approach of the rate to a daily minimum/maximum, correcting your actions according to the current situation. There are many software tools with which traders can watch the movement of the price curve soon or in the long term.

News background

It was mentioned above that it is important to check the news of the economy and events in the cryptocurrency world, but bitcoin also depends on the general hype. Mass interest, working by word of mouth, often raises or lowers the price of a cryptocurrency. Even unconfirmed news that some famous person buys 10-15 thousand bitcoins can push ordinary users following fashionable trends to buy coins.

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