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Are you searching for a trustworthy broker to start trading? We have assembled and checked all the information about the broker called Webull. This page is created to represent you different sides of the Webull company: a review with facts, pros, and cons, account sorts, principles, compliance, the platform for traders, reliability & security.

Webull Financial LLC is one of the famous USA and Chinese stockbrokers at the international level. The enterprise has been running on the business since 2017 and has a tough tier of support worldwide because this broker has one of the most convenient trading platforms over the web. It has a tremendous amount of assets to trade like you can buy stock on Webull, crypto, papers, commodities, etc.

  • Company name: Webull Financial LLC;
  • Site:;
  • Type of business: stockbroker, financial company, e-trading;
  • Founded: in 2017, the founder Wang Anquan;
  • The main headquarters: USA (New York);
  • Regulation measures: SFC, SEC, FINRA;
  • Buying options on Webull: crypto, stocks, fractional shares, papers, currency, etc.

eToro Pros & Cons

To know if is Webull a good place to purchase crypto, stocks, and other assets, you should know the good and bad sides of the platform. To make a fair report, we will deliver positive and negative sides. Webull is one of the most authorized, useful, up-to-date, community-backed, and adjustable trading systems for traders. The rest is provided below.


  • Welcome bonuses: from 1 to 12 stocks that are worth up to $30k;
  • Cutting-edge tools to perform operations;
  • The demo account is also available for a test drive;
  • Superior regulation and safety: the broker is under the top 3 regulators to supply global trading safe and secure;
  • Low expenses for fees and taxes to trade;
  • No rates and expenses for crypto (buying crypto on Webull is cool), ETFs, equities, OTCBB buying, and selling;
  • Understandable and flexible platform created by Webull Financial;
  • Real-time updating streaming quotes are free of charge;
  • Account minimums are not used;
  • There is a range of ways to approve/verify the account, and setup is a piece of cake;
  • Access to various assets: you can buy fractional shares, papers, crypto coins, stocks, and other things on Webull.


  • There is a lack of educational materials;
  • Mutual funds, future markets, and fixed income are not the option;
  • A credit/Debit card is not applicable to withdraw;
  • The pick offering for account types is limited.

Webull brokerage account versions

  • A demo account is present, and you can try it out now;
  • A cash account has unlimited net account value, day trading, marking trade, and short selling is unavailable;
  • You can open one of the Margin accounts (there are 3 options) with a net account worth from $0 to $25k, with unlimited day trading, short selling, and open margin trades (2-4 times per day).

Each account has its purpose, and you can read the full scale of information on the broker’s website.

Compliance and Regulation

Is Webull safe to do investments? The enterprise activity is under the regulation of the Securities and Futures Commission (Hong Kong), FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), and Securities and Exchange Commission (USA regulator).

Trading platform

The electronic platform created by Webull is an innovative, modern, and convenient place to trade for people around the world. You can sell or buy Dogecoin on Webull as dozens of other assets in any pleasant way.

The system has its adaptations for:

  • Desktop version;
  • IOS/Android version;
  • Website.

Use it in the manner you find the most fitting!

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