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BITCOIN SV Price Chart

This is a special page about Bitcoin SV charges for now, 2023-2026 forecast with a small FAQ. Read this article rill the end and enjoy free info that may save your wallet or even make you to do the right investment!

Bitcoin SV Crypto Price

What do we see now?

Bitcoin SV’s current price is 53.13 USD for 1 BSV, with the whole supply of 44 729 397 USD as of the last 24 hours. There are over 19 114 558 BSV tokens in the circulation of digital assets globally.

BSV is UP or DOWN lately?

Bitcoin SV crypto price is up by +4.39% as of today. The weekly rates are still down by -5.4% and monthly are decreased by -4%.

The rank of the coin

The current rank in our chart is #41 among the most popular tokens ever launched. Note: the rank is regularly updated according to the recent changes in rates and news.

Rate Prognosis

Bitcoin SV price prediction by Changelly: according to the change scales of Bitcoin SV at the start of 2022, crypto critics predict the median BSV stake of $52.94 in May 2022. says the following:

  • The BSV price may jump to $125.31 in December 2022;
  • $125 to $155 is the predicted charge for 2023;
  • The standard price in 2024 of the token is expected to be $156.27;
  • Finally, in 2026 we may witness the price of BSV to USD—1:176.75.

BSV to USD scale

The present converter indicates the following: 1 BSV = 53.13 USD. Update the page later to obtain new info.

Is BSV token should be held/sold/bought?

Most Wall Street experts recommend buying or strongly buying this token because the forecast is promising.

Where to get to know Bitcoin SV’s existing price?

There are plenty of resources that provide information about crypto. operates 24/7/365 to support your way in Crypto by gathering all info that is needed. Also you can see Axie and Pax live price charts.

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Latest Updates

Bitcoin SV coin news is available on Letizo’s crypto and financial blog. We collect the most fascinating and breaking news about cryptocurrencies, stock prices, and other related news frequently. 

Also, visit our Chart of Crypto Rates to know the ranks and contemporary charges for digital coins. Bitcoin SV live price charts can be found there. Remember: to get the best results from investments in Crypto, you should be supplied with the most correct and fresh data about rates. That’s why can be your key tool for success!

Thank you for reading the page till here. For such Bitcoin enthusiasts, we have prepared even more information: read a complete chart about BTC here.

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