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Are you in the love of BITTORRENT or want to keep in touch with the most famous cryptocurrencies? has found the most important information about BitTorrent’s current price, future forecast, and FAQ.

The current price

BitTorrent’s price now is $0.00000090. It is supplied with a trading amount of 4193,65 United States dollars. Market Cap is $890.47 M. Do you want to know BitTorrent’s current price? Update the page and save this chart – our team is gathering the most accurate information about digital currencies 24/7.

Does the cost Increase or Decrease?

According to the latest info, the BitTorrent token price increased by +1.05%. The weekly rate is raised by +12.27%. Still, the monthly rate is -15.16%.

What is the popularity of BTTOLD?

We have placed BitTorrent at the #24 point on price charts. The most popular coins are BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, BUSD, XRP, ADA, and SOL.

What is the best place to buy BTT/BTTOLD?

You can buy and sell BTT for the best price at the following exchanges:

  • Bibox;
  • Upbit;
  • Binance TR;
  • CoinTiger;
  • PancakeSwap (V2).

BitTorrent price prediction

What to expect in the future about BTT? According to Cryptonewsz, BTT predictions by analytics forecast that the coin’s rate can be $0.000002 by the end of 2022. The analytics and AI report state that the BitTorrent token cost could be up to $0.0000026 a year later. On the next year, the cost may rise up to $0.0000027. 2025 can rise by $0.000003.

What Is BTT?

BitTorrent is a widespread peer-to-peer (P2P) document sharing and torrent platform which has shifted even more decentralized in the last period.

When did BTT appear on the market?

The coin was launched in July 2001. But 17 years later, the currency was bought by a well-known blockchain system, TRON, in July 2018. This moment was a new birth of the coin.

Since its purchase, BTTOLD has added different new instruments, with a reliable native currency token, BTT, issued in February 2019. BTT was released as TRON’s own cryptocurrency, operating its TRC-10 standard.

Who founded the coin?

The original BTTOLD was created by Bram Cohen, a creator, and businessman, who has become popular in the digital arena.

Cohen has demonstrated that he created BitTorrent to usurp the dated entertainment field, which caused obtaining material slow and pricey.

Where to find a trustworthy BitTorrent coin rate chart?

The team of looks for updated information about all blockchains every day.  Also you can see Stellar and Bitcoin cash price chart. We are your guide to the world of Crypto!

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