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CHILIZ Price Chart

The world of cryptocurrencies is changing every second. Where the one blockchain rises, the other falls (Optimus Prime). Our aim is to track down all the changes for readers of our blog ( This page is about Chiliz or CHZ.

Live Crypto Changes

Would you be excited to open a whole new world of Chiliz’s current price, coin position at Letizo, fresh Market Cap, and additional crypto statistics? Read the new page to the end, and you will know all the required info to get the maximum profit from investments! Letizo is looking for crypto news every day to supply readers with the most delinquent info.

Chiliz crypto price

As of today, CHZ coin rate is $0.1383 with a total amount of $754.91 M during the last 24 hours. Today’s Market Cap is $738.76 M. There are about 5.34 M of CHZ tokens in the whole supply. 

Converter CHZ to USD

For now, 1 CHZ is 0.1383 USD. What will the price be in 10 minutes? Refresh this report every time you want to discover the new information that will be up-to-date for the moment.

Is it UP or DOWN?

Chiliz live price chart jumped by +8.59%, the weekly rate is increased by +34.85%. Moreover, the monthly rate is increased by +38.69%.

Coin’s Ranking

Chiliz price has given the #52 rank in Letizo’s Blockchain Rating charts.

Chiliz Price Prediction

According to Cryptonewsz, Chiliz token price may reach $0.26 till the end of this year. In 2023-2028, the rate might be increased by a half. The rate in 2023 is going to be for about $0.30.

GOV Capital analysis predicts the growth can be +256%. The charge of $0.79 is expected to be in 2023 as well.

Trading Beasts experts believe in price of $0.34-$0.50 in the next years. In what to believe? All the reports are based on various factors. The vast part of these forecasts are telling that the rate is going to expand.

The Most Important News About CHZ

Where to find the relevant Chiliz coin news? Only on Letizo! Our blog has the largest amount of cryptocurrency news and charts, as well as other databases that are helpful for investors. We have many facts and news to amaze you!

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