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CETH Price Chart

The Central European Gas Hub (CEGH) is a key international hub and trade route in Central and Eastern Europe, promoting increased competition and market liberalization. Owing to this strategy the CEGH price now is so high.

What’s the CEGH price now?

Central European Gas Hub AG (CEGH) is the leading gas trading hub in Central and Eastern Europe. 

As the operator of the Virtual Point of Sale, CEGH provides international gas traders with a trading gateway in the entry/exit area of the Austrian market. In 2020, CEGH achieved a total natural gas trading volume of 827 TWh on the HTP market and 165 TWh on the Gas Exchange. Thanks to this excellent development, CEGH USD price has a leading position among gas hubs in Central and Eastern Europe.

Why the CEGH live price chart is so strong

Due to the great positioning of the CEGH coin price chart, the company is included in the list of the largest gas commercial platforms in Continental Europe and provides an opportunity to access gas trading. 

Currently, 100 agents are registered on the CEGH platform, and the trade turnover has increased by about 2 billion cubic meters every month since the opening of the hub four years ago. The launch of CEGH token price trading transactions on the Vienna Stock Exchange is a milestone in the development of the platform.

Latest CEGH coin news

Today we are witnesses of another step towards the development of the European gas market and the strengthening of the CEGH price charts and the commercial segment of the energy industry in Austria. This contributes to strengthening the security of gas supplies for Austrian market-driven customers.

As per the CEGH coin news, it was planned that in this case Gazprom and OMV would receive 30% each, and the rest of the companies – 20% each. The parties also agreed to create a Central European Gas Exchange based on the hub to trade CEGH to USD spot and futures contracts for gas.  

After this announcement, the CEGH price charts skyrocketed.

CEGH price prediction for stakeholders

For OMV, which owns 100% of shares in CEGH, the increase in trading activity is a contribution to further consolidation of the CEGH token price and in the gas logistics industry. 

Having direct access to the infrastructure of the Baumgarten distribution hub, which is a link between a system of important transit pipelines and convenient storage, allows the hub to become a state-of-the-art energy trading platform. This in turn will positively impact the CEGH live price chart.

Moreover, the cooperation between CEGH (the CEGH to USD traders in particular) and the Vienna Stock Exchange will strengthen the key role of the Baumgarten Compressor Station, owned by OMV Gas GmbH and serving as a distribution hub in Central Europe. 

According to the experts’ CEGH price prediction, the short-term trade deals will optimally complement long-term supply agreements and strengthen competition in the liberalizing energy market. Also you can see Mina and Synthetix network price prediction.

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