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CUSDT Price Chart

Compound Current Price: Chart, Rating, Prognosis & News

Would you like to know all related news and information about Compound: current price, the relation between Compound token (COMP) and USD?

Compound: Live Price Chart & Guide

Real status

  • The Compound price now is $48.29. This information is updated every minute because the rate is not steady. You should refresh the page to understand up-to-date data each time you want.
  • There are over 6.86 M COMP tokens.
  • The trading amount is $27.61 M for the last 24h for Compound crypto price.
  • Market Cap is $331.28 M.


1 COMP is worth 48.29 USD. Save this page of to know steadfast details about the token.


Today’s Compound token price has jumped by +3.38%, and the weekly price has increased even more, by +5.16%. The monthly status lowered by -20.79%

Notice: next time we might see absolutely surprising changes as well as the related impacts. That’s why you should drive your assets according to the forecast of professional traders.

Letizo Chart of Cryptocurrencies

According to the Chart of cryptocurrencies created by the crew, the Compound coin price chart (COMP) is now in 68th place. The rank is made according to the relation to the current outlay, market capitalization, and other aspects.

What may happen in the future?

Compound price prediction is made by different sources. Which one can be named trustworthy? We counted the following forecasts on our page:

  • specialists note that the COMP rate at the end of the year is $85.38 USD, and this is the median price of the token. For the position for 2023 and 2024, the average rate is $89.96-$95.26.
  • Coin Price Forecast prognosis about Compound token price is $214 as of the end of 2022.
  • Moreover, CryptoGround has an even more promising prognosis, where the rate for the December of this year may reach 289.0866 USD.
  • COMPOUND price chart till December 2022 might be $249.66 according to Digital Coin Price.
  • However, Trading Beasts specialists state that the price of a coin for the end of 2022 is $101. The max is 127 USD, and the min rate is 86 USD

As you can see, there are different predictions that describe absolutely distinct rates. Each of the forecasts is reliable because it is created by faithful and responsible sources and specialists.

Latest News About Crypto

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