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The Decentraland token price continues its downtrend. It is worth noting that this startup has existed since 2017. Previously, MANA was little known, it was not included in any significant ratings. But today we can see a completely different picture, in which this project plays a very tangible role in building three-dimensional worlds. But will the coin get back to at least $2? See experts’ MANA to USD cost forecast.

Decentraland price now

According to CoinMarketCap, the Decentraland coin price chart is trading at $0.9 today on a 24-hour trading volume of $240,146,114,185. The MANA USD price has increased by 6% in the last 24 hours.

At the same time, the circulating supply of the asset is 1.85 billion coins. 40% of MANA tokens were sold in 2017 during the ICO, 20% were reserved to stimulate the community, another 20% went to the development team and early contributors, and another 20% went to the Decentraland platform.

Quite a thoughtful approach to let the Decentraland price charts be strong enough even in the bear market.

The top cryptocurrency exchanges where you can check the Decentraland price now are:

  • Binance, 
  • OKEX, 
  • Upbit, 
  • FTX, 
  • CoinTiger Exchange.

Latest Decentraland coin news

Since early 2022, Decentraland has launched several new features on its platform, such as “My Store”, where content creators “can manage their assets and collect and analyze statistics and data about their products over time.”

According to the cryptocurrency research site Is This Coin A Scam, on February 28, 2022, the Decentraland coin price chart was rated as “very good”.

On February 14, the Samsung 837X launched a sustainability-themed quest to “make red hearts green this Valentine’s Day.”

Other Decentraland coin news report that in an attempt to generate interest in its metaverse, MANA announced the world’s largest digital fashion show.

Decentraland price prediction for 2022-2030

Despite being optimistic about the Decentraland token price prospects, the Price Prediction service does not expect the altcoin to reach its all-time high of $5.9 this year. However, according to the forecast, the coin will continue to grow in the next 10 years.

According to the Price Prediction forecast, the MANA USD exchange rate in 2022 will average $3.47. In 2023, the Decentraland price charts will show us $5.09, in 2025 to $10.1, and in 2030 to $68.

TechNewsLeader predicts that within a year the price of MANA will reach $5.09, after which the MANA to USD price will rise to $16.1 by 2027. The service expects the coin to soar to $101 by 2032.

The Decentraland price prediction by the algorithmic service Wallet Investor claims that MANA will reach $5 by March 2023 and then rise to $15.3 within five years. Also you can see Kucoin and Pancakeswap price prediction.

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