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FTX TOKEN Price Chart

Would you like to know what the FTX crypto price is? Well, your search panel brought you to the right place! At, we work every day to find updated information about cryptocurrencies like FTX. Crypto prices differ every minute, so it’s important to see a constantly updating chart.

FTX Live Price Chart

The Current Rate

FTX’s current price is $25.55 during the last 24 hours with a trading volume of $98 692 651. Market Cap in real-time is 3 457 848 759 USD. The FTT (FTX) token is in the top-25 rate of all cryptocurrencies and has 19th place. There are 135 348 550 FTT coins in the circulation process.

FTX token price: is it UP or DOWN?

FTX’s price now is down by 40% during the last 24 trading hours.

Five exchange platforms to buy/sell FTT/FTX

There are five places to invest in this digital coin:

  • FTX;
  • Bitget;
  • HitBTC;
  • Bybit;
  • Binance.

FTX price charts of these platforms are beneficial.

Note: there are dozens of platforms to perform Crypto trading.

The highest FTX coin price chart mark

09.08.21 was the highest price—$76.19 with a 24-h trading volume of $2.86 B.

FTX Price Prediction

What about 2022?

FTX price prediction for 2022 according to is promising—the average estimation is $30.75.Also you can see Dydx and Oasis network price prediction.

What I should expect in the future?

  • 2023 may bring us the rate of $33.60;
  • 2025 can increase the price up to $45.63;
  • 2027 is the year that the rate my raise up to $54.13 on average.

As you can see. FTX coin price chart may raise smoothly.

Note: there is no guarantee of what is going to happen. All price predictions are done according to the past dynamics and rates, trends, and indicators.


About the team

FTX team includes some of the biggest crypto traders over the recent years, having encountered points with most hype crypto futures platforms, determined to launch their exchange. FTX declares that it stands out because of such characteristics as a centralized collateral pool, clawback precluding, and adaptable stablecoin settlement.

The peculiarity of the token

FTX is powered by Almeda Research guidance, which is comprehended as one of the top companies in crypto trading and one of the most extensive liquidity suppliers. FTX is an outcome developed by experts with confirmed expertise in the field. It also declares to be concentrated on fast development cycles, letting the creators deploy crypto trading techniques at a competitive speed.

What are FTX and FTT?

FTX is a trading platform, and FTT is the aboriginal cryptocurrency stablecoin of the crypto derivatives created by FTX.

When FTT was launched?

May 8, 2019, is the launching day of the FTT token.

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