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Gnosis Price Chart

The Gnosis Price Chart: Rate for  Today & In 2022-2030

Gnosis token price is one of the most well-known digital tokens, no wonder the rate is widely demanded among cryptocurrency investors. So, let’s take a closer look at the actual rate of Gnosis price charts and prognoses about the future. Enjoy reading the interesting and catchy content!

GNO Token Price Chart for Now

Gnosis crypto price is 109.30 USD and the daily commercial volume is 2,428,382.1 USD. The MCAP is 327.96 M USD. Furthermore, there are 3,000,000.0 GNO coins on a worldwide basis. The current status of Letizo’s Cryptocurrency Chart is #89 (there are up to 100 blockchains in the chart, so keep your mind sharp). Also you can see Qtum and Celsius network live price charts.


Would you be interested in the up-to-date data about the Gnosis coin price in the United States Dollar? Here it comes! 1 GNO is 109.30 USD. 

Gnosis Price Chart

The GNO rate has fallen by -0.61% during the 24-hour break. The weekly rate has dropped by -0.14%, and the monthly status has lowered by -12.25%. Update the page later to see the changes in the charts of the e-token!

Gnosis Price Prognosis for the Upcoming Years states that in December 2022 we might see a rate of ~$125.4798. Gnosis price prediction for 2023-2024 is $175-$123.6. Going to 2025, the digital coin charge might occur at the mark of $143.8.

Considering, the GNO price in USD by the end of 2022 might be from 115.15 to 128.49. What about 2023-2030? Taking into account the info from the source, the Gnosis coin price prognosis for 2023-2024 is from $176 to $307.36. 

Gnosis price prediction for 2025 is about $369.74 on middle grounds. And what might happen in 2028-2030? The median rate for 2028 could reach 1,133.38 USD, and 2,488,77 USD is the Gnosis price prediction for 2030 respectively.


Gnosis definition and brief info

Gnosis is a not centralized paperless coin that stands on the Ethereum base. Gnosis Chain is the allocated execution-layer EVM strategy for stable operations. It applies the xDai coins and uses a wide-ranging group of projects and customers.

Where to buy and sell GNO coins?

This is a widelyspread token, so there are a lot of markets with a nice rating. You can buy it at BingX, Bitrue, Binance, XT.COM, BTCEX. Choose the market you like the most!

Is it a good token to have?

The coin is stable, secured, based on Ethereum, and has its own community and backup. The vast part of experts cosider the GNO as a profitable token for investing in the future. So, the answer is rather yes.

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