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In 2021 Internet Computer (ICP) broke into the top 10 list of cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, reaching $750 and a market capitalization of $53 billion according to CoinMarketCap.

After the peaks of the first day, the Internet Computer token price is gradually decreasing. So, on May 20, 2021, the price of the coin fluctuated around $180, and investors are wondering if the cryptocurrency has the potential for growth in the future? Let’s find out more about ICP and what is analysts’ Internet Computer price prediction.

What’s the Internet Computer price now?

ICP, also known as Dfinity, is a first-level blockchain that provides:

  • security, 
  • efficiency, 
  • flexible consensus mechanism. 

The core of the system acts as a verifiable random function (VRF) that produces a stream of output over time.

Due to the FUD on the Internet Computer coin news (delisting, bear market, and so on) the token is currently at its bottom. The Internet Computer price now is $5.33. This is the altcoin’s ATL.

While the Internet Computer token price gradually falls after reaching peaks, the fundamental value of the project, numerous use cases, and the potential to transform the way the Internet works give analysts the ground for optimistic long-term forecasts of the ICP USD value.

Internet Computer price prediction: is there a big rally ahead?

ICP is still in its early stages, but the debut of the Internet Computer coin price chart was strong. To analyze the future potential of Internet Computer, let’s look at the latest analyst ICP to USD predictions.

WalletInvestor considers ICP a “smart” long-term investment. Analysts give a target of $882.98 for the next year and are confident that the Internet Computer price charts could rise to $3,659.45 within five years.

DigitalCoin’s forecast for Internet Computer’s price movement is more conservative, but also optimistic. The specialists estimate that the ICP to USD price will reach $283.52 by the end of 2023, increase to $318.92 in 2024, to $548.67 in 2025 and exceed $801.88 in 2028.

Why did the Internet Computer coin price chart fail from its peak?

At the dawn of its creation, ICP promised people maximum openness and freedom, but it soon became clear that this was not without strict regulation by large companies. 

The monopolies of technological giants hinder the free development of innovation. The Internet Computer project was created to fight this situation and make the Internet free again. 

To make life easier for developers, a new programming language, Motoko, has been created that allows you to design applications by minimizing the number of lines of code. A special SDK enables any developer to easily create new applications and services for the Internet Computer.

Hopefully, such a positive Internet Computer coin news will at least bring the ICP USD price back to where the altcoin started. Also you can see EOS and Terra live price charts.

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