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MAKER Price Chart

In addition to Dai, MakerDAO has another token called Maker (MKR). The Maker current price drives the MakerDAO ecosystem. Holders of this currency can control various aspects of the Maker Protocol, including:

  • the amount of CDP collateral, 
  • annual borrowing, 
  • shutdown in the event of an Ethereum failure.

Eager to find out the Maker price prediction? Then proceed with us!

What’s cool about the Maker price now?

Each MKR owner automatically becomes part of the community and receives management rights. So, if you invest in the Maker live price chart, then you have the ability to determine the future of MakerDAO.

MKR tokens are destroyed on every loan repayment. This means that the scarcity of this token is growing, while the Maker crypto price remains high. The last prominent example took place between December 2020 and January 2021. Back then, the Maker price charts grew from $566 to $1200.

Such rapid appreciation is virtually impossible in traditional financial systems, making Maker token price more profitable for borrowers as well. After all, you can get a loan simply by locking ETH as collateral and creating a collateralized debt position.

However, owning MKR also comes with a characteristic set of risks for the investor, although most of them are hypothetical and have never happened yet. The most significant risk is that the price of Ethereum could collapse, rendering all collateral in the MKR to USD ecosystem worthless.

The Maker price now is $823, which is considered quite high (particularly for this token) even for a bear market.

Will we ever see the Maker coin price chart at $10000?

In the future, the MakerDAO team hopes to get around the extreme MKR USD price volatility. Here are two examples they give in their white paper: 

  1. the price of BTC rose by more than 300% in one month, 
  2. in another case fell by 25% in one day.

MakerDAO plans to achieve sustainability with stable digital assets, which they believe is necessary to help the Maker crypto price reach its full potential.

Moreover, the team has developed a wide range of strategies to help stabilize not only the value of the Maker live price chart but also the Dai stablecoin. All of these Maker token price risk mitigation strategies and steps are outlined in their white paper.

Maker price prediction

So the Maker current price is approximately $823. The lowest mark of the Maker coin price chart – $334,607 – was observed on December 10, 2018. But what are the MKR to USD forecasts?

Maker price charts forecast from Tradingbeast

By the end of 2022, the expected high is $920 and the low is $585.963. In December 2022, the price may be in the range of $863 – 881. In 2023 it will rise to $1024 – 1065. Also you can see Zcash and Klaytn price prediction.

Maker coin news from WalletInvestor

Walletinverstor expects $337.384 per coin by the end of 2022. Further, from 2021 to 2024, the MKR USD rate may fall to $187.751, after which it will rise again to $298.960 in 2025.

Many Maker coin news publishers are sure that the altcoin already reached its potential.

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