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Mask Network Price Chart

What is Mask Network?

On this page you can find out the current price of the Mask Network, as well as a live price chart of the Mask Network. Also on our site you will find up-to-date information about KAVA crypto and many other assets. 

Lately everyone's been talking about moving to a new version of the World Wide Web, Web 3.0. Here it seems that it will take a little longer and all will move from the traditional scheme of "read-write" to a more progressive and safe "read-write-own".

On this wave was launched project Mask Network crypto, designed to be a bridge to move Internet users from the Web 2.0 to the next level. 

Token Mask Network, an overview of which we are now offering you, is designed to send crypto coins, encoded messages and even dApps (Defi, NFT, DAO) through a DEX app ecosystem (DApplet). The network seeks to connect the Web2 and Web3 networks to enable the public to make financial transactions online without any API or centralized server.

Using the current version of the Global Web, people must give up their claims of autonomy. Many want to overthrow the pressure of large IT corporations and start from scratch, but that is no longer possible. Developers propose to build an add-on on top of existing platforms, allowing privacy through cryptography and Web 3. Blockchain, DEX storage and peer-to-peer networks are possible with community support.

There are many reasons for users to use the Mask add-on, created for those seeking greater anonymity and privacy. The system integrates a unique end-to-end encryption method (Unit networking service is masked). Members of major social platforms can seamlessly send directly between accounts.

For years, major social media giants and blockchain startups have tried to set up to make crypto-transactions through social networks easier and more accessible. Mask Network removes technical barriers. Anyone can send crypto in seconds through their social media channels.

How does Mask Network work?

The protocol supports sending secret messages on Twitter and Facebook. The MASK allows you to vote on governance decisions. Active users of the network's functionality will be rewarded.

Only holders can participate in DApplet development on the Mask network. Users will also need an internal network to use premium features such as cross-chain smart wallets and social profiles.


The Mask Network consists of the following components:

  • Network smartwares provided by the Mask core team or the developers of DApplet. These will be deployed in multiple EVM-compatible chains, such as BSC and Ethereum.
  • Multiple layers of storage / DCDN. The ecosystem integrates multiple DEX storage blockchains, such as Arweave, and a DEX CDN to accelerate content retrieval.
  • DApplet layer containing plugin storage.

Cryptocurrency Mask Network uses Secure ECMAScript (SES), ShadowDOM and various related technologies to enable Web3.0 integration into the conventional Web 2.0.0 network, allowing DApplets plugins to be embedded into Twitter and other platforms. Each user can create an unlimited number of "personas," which will be secp256k1 key pairs. 

Each post is encrypted with an AES256 key in GCM mode, so only one unique post can be posted on the social network. All encrypted AES keys are synchronized with GunDB nodes. The network plays the role of liaison and decryptor. It finds potential recipients using Mask plugins and delivers the message to them as plain text. The rest of the platform cannot see it.

Many other features are supported, including the creation of "wrapped" ETH Red tokens and then sending them via the social network Twitter.


A Chinese investigative journalist, Souji Yang, founded the project. In the past, this person already had experience in creating digital products for cyberspace. The team includes many top-notch professionals.

Available wallets

You can use any wallet that supports ERC-20, BEP-20 as a Mask Wallet. Token Mask Network can also function in Polygon, contract address 0x2b9e7ccdf0f4e5b24757c1e1a80e311e34cb10c7.

Either way, you can use wallets like Metamask and Trust Wallet. The latter already has Mask ERC-20 and Polygon added; you need to find them in the list and move the activation checkbox.

In Metamask they need to be added manually. For Mask ERC-20 it is enough to specify the name of the contract address, and the name of the contract. To add BEP-20 and Polygon, you must first configure support for those networks. There is more detailed information on Metamask cryptocurrency wallet configuration in a separate review on our website.

Support for large blockchain companies

Let's try to assess the prospects of the Price Mask Network. Web 3.0 projects will be in demand, because they give an opportunity to refuse the services of intermediaries in various kinds of transactions. With this network, it is possible to use DeFi tools on conventional web platforms. 

The Mask Network has recently expanded to include NFT buying and selling transactions. The Mask Network collaborates with DEGO Finance, Cent and the DEX Nym platform. Nevertheless, experts believe that soon a serious change in the rate of this cryptocurrency is not worth waiting for. Many portals publish quite restrained price predictions for Mask Network, warning that in the short term, investments in this project will not bring real dividends, and the rise in price is possible only next year.


Mask Network consistently serves as a bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, and brings decentralization to the social networks Facebook and Twitter. We can see how the coin price chart Mask Network is striving upward. 

The project is looking to expand into NFT and other encrypted messaging services and if the developers manage to follow through on what they started, the platform will have a great future. But before you invest in this project, do your own research and don't forget about risk diversification. Do not invest more than you're prepared to lose.

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