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NEO Price Chart

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NEO crypto price changes every 24 hours. Sometimes it goes up or down. But recently, there have been certain stability, and the final price has not dropped to last year’s figures. NEO’s current price in July is nearly $9.20. It is a significant increase from last month. And according to experts, the price will rise. Despite the stable market situation, NEO only ranks 53rd in the chart on This site contains only relevant crypto prices. So visit it at any time to figure NEO live price chart

Why does NEO Have a Future in Blockchain?

Erik Zhang and Da Hongfei promote further development due to NEO creation. They created a special algorithm. It plays an instrumental role in the progress.

NEO Features

NEO has secured its place in the cryptosystem through continuous development. Recent developments allow its users to process more transactions per second. Another feature is the presence of two tokens – NEO and GAS. Suppose the first serves as a way for investments and performs the administrative role of paying for participation in voting. In that case, the second pays a commission for crypto transactions within the network.

NEO Safety

The network uses a delegated Byzantine fault tolerance algorithm. dBFT processes thousands of blockchain transactions per second became possible. With its help, blocks are added until at least two-thirds of the delegates reach a consensus. It provides security and does not minimize the risk of intruders penetrating the network.

Last NEO Coin News

This year, NEO began collaborating with the EU’s Diesis network to create a smart socio-economic system based on the Neo N3 ecosystem for decentralized file storage, NeoID, and smart contracts. Also, since February 2022, Jiuquan Chain, one of the NEO networks, has been building the blockchain ecosystem for the Chinese manner. These changes have a positive impact on the NEO coin.

NEO Coin Price Chart

Let’s compare the growth trend over the past five years. The table provides NEO USD data for January of each year.



















NEO Price Prediction for 2022-2028

Wallet Investor suggested that the price would reach $27.9 within a year and continue to hit $56.7 within five years. However, the Digital Coin predicts that Neo will reach $25.1 in 2022 and $59 in 2028. Compared to the current NEO price charts, the price will increase by three and more times. Also you can see The graph and Arweave price prediction.

What Is NEO?

It is a fast-growing and evolving crypto ecosystem. It aims to play the main role in the next Internet generation and the new economy.

Where to Buy NEO?

Buying NEO to USD and vice versa is possible on different platforms, including Binance, Poloniex, and HitBTC. However, if you are used to working with Coinbase, this platform does not support NEO. In 2022, the more popular pair is NEO to BTC. Binding to Bitcoin shows the new network’s degree of trust and perspective.


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