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SHIBA INU Price Chart

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is one of the most talked-about digital assets in the crypto world today. Since its inception, Shiba Inu price has instantly captured the attention of the public, rising by 2260% in a week. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Shiba Inu bills itself as a “Dogecoin killer”. So what are the latest Shiba Inu coin news today?

SHIB creator disappeared from social networks

On May 30, the creator of the cryptocurrency Shiba Inu known as Ryoshi deleted all posts from the Twitter microblog and deleted his account on the Medium platform. The situation is complicated by the fact that nobody knows who this guy actually is.

This news had some effect on the Shiba Inu coin live price chart. The value of SHIB has decreased by almost 50%. Fortunately, it has already restored its value.

At the same time, the market capitalization of this cryptocurrency remains one of the largest – the project is estimated at $6 billion. This is the 16th indicator in the world. Although at its peak the cost of memecoin reached $0.0000885 and was in the top 10 largest crypto assets in the world.

Why is Shiba Inu price so discussed?

As of this writing, SHIB has a market capitalization of $6 billion. SHIB has a 24-hour trading turnover of over $6 billion and a circulating supply of over $394 billion.

Another good Shiba Inu news is that its dev team is on its way to developing its own decentralized exchange: ShibaSwap. The goal of ShibaSwap is to provide crypto traders with a safe place to trade digital assets, with a special focus on Ethereum.

Shiba Inu coin price prediction

Today, SHIB is ranked 14th in the CoinMarketCap ranking. Will the latest Shiba Inu coin news and updates, developments and changes in the blockchain help the asset rise in price?

Based on the chart above, SHIB is positioning itself along with the raging bulls. Today SHIB is trading at a very high price of $0.00001085. In addition, we can see that SHIB has completed an ascending channel pattern recently. Also you can see Dai and Tron price prediction.

Shiba Inu coin price prediction 2030

In other words, SHIB is gearing up for a possible bull run in the coming years. If this happens, the cryptocurrency could break out of its resistance level and reach a bullish price not talking about an ATH. Of course, such a scenario is possible if the bull market continues to be on the side of the Shiba Inu coin live price chart.

How to buy Shiba Inu?

Wondering how to buy Shiba Inu? Currently, you can acquire this asset on the following exchanges:

  • Binance, 
  • FTX,
  • Coinbase,
  • Huobi,
  • Kucoin.

All you need to do is:

  • check whether SHIB is presented on the platform you are using;
  • read some Shiba Inu coin news today so that to buy the best price (optional);
  • top up the deposit;
  • choose your trading pair: SHIB/USDT, SHIB/USDC, SHIB/BTC, etc.
  • buy some coins.

The Shiba Inu coin price prediction is promising. Due to the constant developments taking place in the SHIB ecosystem, as well as in the cryptocurrency market in general, we may see this coin reach new heights.

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