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SUSHI Price Chart

What is known about the Sushi token price now? SushiSwap is a project from the creators of the Uniswap decentralized exchange, essentially its improved version with extended functionality. The user can deposit liquidity into the pool and be rewarded in the form of SUSHI tokens. This process is similar to what happens in Uniswap, but the key difference is that SUSHI tokens allow you to continue earning a share of the profits of the protocol even if you no longer provide liquidity. That’s why the Sushi token live price chart is so popular right now.

What’s the Sushi token price now?

As of this writing, the Sushi token crypto price is trading at $1.46 on a 24-hour trading volume of $117,429,723, according to data from CoinGecko. The SUSHI to USD price is down 6.5% in the last 24 hours.

To date, there are 127,244,443 coins in circulation. The top cryptocurrency exchanges to check the Sushi token coin price chart are:

  • Binance, 
  • FTX, 
  • OKX, 
  • Huobi Global, 
  • CoinTiger.

Over the current week, the Sushi token price has gained more than 25% from the recent weekly low.

How do the Sushi token price charts move?

Taking a deeper look into the history of the SUSHI USD rate we can see that on July 7, 2021, the price rose to an intraday high of $9.70 after a 6-month low of $6.01 on June 22. 

As per the Sushi token coin news, the price at $9.70 was the highest since June 10, when the token hit $10.58 at an intraday high. However, the token did not hold its position and ended the day at $8.78 on July 7, and then fell to $7.46 on July 12. On July 14, the Sushi token crypto price closed at $7.11.

The Sushi token live price chart fell from its all-time high of $23.38 reached on March 13, although it rose again to $22.52 in May.

Sushi token price prediction: will it outweigh UNI?

Analyst platform Wallet Investor, in its 2021-2025 SUSHI price forecast, expects the price of the token to rise from $8.97 in early August to $15.74 by the end of this year, and then to $31.55 by the end of 2022. According to the platform’s Sushi token price prediction, the rate will be $79.02 at the end of 2025.

DigitalCoin’s Sushi token price forecast suggests that the average price of the token will increase:

  • $10.26 in 2022,
  • $11.65 in 2023, 
  • $19.57 by 2025. 

In the long term, a decline is expected: in 2026, the average SUSHI USD rate will be $24.58, and in 2027 it will drop to $21.24. However, by 2028, a rebound is expected and we’ll see a maximum of $30.57.

The Economic Forecast Agency is less optimistic. According to the agency’s Sushi token coin price chart forecast, the SushiSwap rate will remain volatile: by the end of the year, the SUSHI to USD price will fall to $0.23, and by the end of October 2022 it will rise to $10.39, after that by July 2023 it will fall to $6.31. The Sushi token price charts are predicted to reach $11.72 by the end of 2023 but then retreat to $6.95 by the end of 2024. Then, according to the Sushi token coin news, the price will reach $12.61 by August 2025. Also you can see Ecomi and Compound price prediction.

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