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TERRA Price Chart

Terra: Current Price, News & Reliable Forecast

LUNC, Terra coin, or Terra Classic – what is this? If you want to know if it is one of the most popular digital coins or not, just continue reading this page till the bottom line. has prepared all needed facts about blockchain: Terra live price chart, news, trustworthy prognosis. All is here!

Terra crypto price

Currently, Terra Classic USD’s current rate is $0.0001619 while the last 24h trading supply is $399 M. The Mkt Cap is 1.066 B. Over the globe, there are about 6.584 B of LUNC coins. The actual placement of Terra token price in the chart of Letizo’s Cryptocurrency Chart is #73. Visit the following page after some time to open up-to-date info about your favorite blockchain.

Terra to USD: converter

Would you like to open the LUNA coin to the United States dollar? Just keep up reading and you will get what you want! 1 Terra coin is 0.0001619 USD. 

Terra price now

LUNC price has now lifted down by  -1 95% during the last 24 hours. Our team is working every day to provide the most accurate and valuable information for our followers. Refresh the page later to know new stats.

Terra price prediction

According to, the possible rate of LUNA for the end of 2022 is 2.36 USD. The 2022 and 2024 Terra coin price chart may bring from $3.43 to $5.04 on standard terms. Eventually, LUNA can blast the roof in 2025 and bring the medium rate of $7.46.

The Crypto Newz are saying the rate of LUNC is going to reach $0.0007 in 2023. As for 2025, the possible average charge is $0.002 for 1 token.

Terra coin news

Is there a place in the world where crypto experts and beginners can analyze already gathered data about the changes in prices, position rates, news about tokens and blockchains? Yes, yes, and yes! is a popular source chosen by different crypto investors and brokers globally.

Here you can get all related LUNA coin news. Enjoy reading the freshest ones on our blog. Terra and other rate charts are here as every day.

About Terra

You may be confused to hear, but LUNC, LUNA, Terra Chain and Terra Classic are all about only one blockchain and the protocol. This system is applying stablecoins to ensure the condition of prices at the international transaction structures. It is based on Bitcoin grounds.

What is LUNA/LUNC?

LUNC is protocol and blockchain, but LUNA is a stabilized coin that is applied by a crypto chain during the operations.

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