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USD COIN Price Chart

USD Coin Price: Live Chart, General Info & Facts about Token

Welcome to USDC price chart supported by Letiizo! On this page, you will find up-to-date information about one of
the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market, USD Coin. Price is changing every day, so, please, save this page and monitor
rates every morning.

USDC Price Chart Live

The current usdUSDCc price is $1.00 USD, with an exchanging sum of $6 199 017 246 USD during 24-hours. Visit
this page tomorrow to know the new trading volume of the token.

As the matter of fact, the USDC coin price, compared with the previous day, got down, by 0.1%.

TOP 10 crypto trading platforms in USDC cryptocurrency

  1. MEXC;
  2. KuCoin;
  3. FTX;
  4. CoinTiger;
  5. Bybit;
  6. Bitfinex;
  7. Binance;
  8. Gemini;
  9. OKX
  10. Coinbase Exchange.

These crypto services are the best with their USDC crypto price.

Tasty Bread for Crypto GIG

What is special about USDC?

Well, you might know that there are some blockchains that are standing
still and don’t suffer from risky ups and downs on the market.
Tether, and USD Coin are stablecoins linked with U.S. dollars. Their
cost connection is almost the same as USD (1:1).

For each USD Coin stands behind a back $1. This means that your crypto
saving is secured and ensured. The difference between USDT and USDC is
that the second one is ensured by a cocktail of physical money flow
& short-time U.S. Treasury bonds, so USDC token price is stable.

The aim

Creating a friendly and linked system where USDC is carried out by as
many users, exchanges, and apps and services as manageable.

Coin’s Background

The token originally appeared on a restricted ground in September 2018.
But very soon the USD Coin became a widespread coin.

A couple of usage subjects have been disclosed for the USDC. Also,
delivering a marvelous paradise with a secured environment for
blockchain brokers in matters of volatility, those who stand a side the
token state that it may thereafter permit industries to receive earnings
in digital assets, by giving a nice fightback to the banking

Can it be some trustworthy crypto prediction?

The accurate and exact prediction of any cryptocurrency is problematic
and maybe even impossible. But, as for this coin, the USDC coin price prediction linked with USD is 1:1, a few percent higher or lower. Also you can see BUSD price prediction and XRP price live chart.

Who was the founder of USDC?

Double-head creation. The Centre Consortium was founded by two
companies. The first one is called Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, the
second one is  Circle (p2p transaction operations).

Stay tuned for the latest news from Letizo! Your key to success starts with a knowledge of Tether, and USD coin prices for today.

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