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ZILLIQA Price Chart

Zilliqa’s current price is $0.03926 with an entire pool of $121 238 067 at the globe economy arena during the last 24 hours. The extant rank is #56 in Letizo’s Cryptocurrency Price Rate. The information is constantly updating, reevaluate the result after some time. There are 13 057 203 397 ZIL tokens in the international supply.


By reading the Zilliqa coin price chart, the rate is up by 2.13%. The weekly cost grew by 0.31%, and the monthly Zilliqa crypto price is up by 17.53%.

Crypto Converter ZIL to USD

1 ZIL = $0.03937 USD. Please, visit this page or reload it later to know a new price.

ZIL Coin Forecast

Zilliqa’s price prediction is quite bewitching. In The ZIL digital stake projection by, professionals anticipate Zilliqa to acquire a stake of $0.054 by July 2022 and $0.063 by the edge of December. Moreover, the prognosis predicts the ZIL exchange diagram for 2025 is for the token to beat a median worth of $0.18, and it points it may reach $0.86 by 2030.


What Is Zilliqa, and what is about ZIL coin?

Zilliqa is in the public eye, a permissionless blockchain that is created to deliver lofty output with the power to satisfy thousands of trades per second. The aboriginal substitute token of Zilliqa, ZIL, is operated to care for operations on the platform and manage contracts.

The aim and background

It aims to unravel the point of token scalability and swiftness by using sharing as a second-level scaling answer. The chain is the birthplaces are multiple decentralized apps and yield farming.

Product work formally began on Zilliqa in June 2017, and its test zone drove to the public in March 2018. A year later, the system established its general net.

Can Zilliqa reach $10?

Given the advance of different projections, ZIL won’t get the rate of 10 USD in the upcoming 10 years. The rest, only the future will show.

Is Zilliqa a good acquisition in 2022?

ZIL is a good asset in 2022. Furthermore, ZIL has a high chance of overtaking its contemporary price at about $0.25 this year. Can Zilliqa’s worth reach $0.5 shortly? Yes, it’s very much doable that ZIL might achieve $0.5 in the near future as per the contemporary bullish movement.

Zilliqa coin news

Enjoy the latest information about Zilliqa on our blog. We are assembling the most delinquent data about the Crypto world at Letizo’s News: Cryptocurrency. You can examine finance reports every day by staying with or just observing the Telegram channel. Also you can see Stacks and Radix live price charts.

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