Almost 70% of biggest crypto investors believe they will become billionaires



Despite the crises and crypto-winter, the biggest crypto investors continue to have fantasies about the latest models of Lamborghini and luxury watches. They are encouraged by examples of billionaires who started from scratch, like Changpeng Zhao or Ilon Musk, and turned into the richest people in the crypto industry. The crypto space continues to see an influx of enthusiasts who believe that mega-richness cannot escape them. 

Sweet dreams of the biggest crypto investors

A Harris Poll Thought Leadership Practice survey was conducted last month. More than 1,900 people from a wide range of generations took part in the survey.

As the results showed, nearly 70% of respondents in the cryptosphere believe they can become billionaires through their investments in the industry. Most of these enthusiasts are from younger generations — millennials and Generation Z.

The survey results suggest that it is younger generations who tend to seek salvation in cryptocurrency in a deteriorating economic environment.

Another survey conducted by Capitalize also confirms that members of these two generations are more actively considering investing in cryptocurrency to secure their retirement.

“Fast Money” — a stigma on the industry

Two conclusions can be drawn from the Harris Poll Thought Leadership Practice survey. On the one hand, younger generations are losing confidence in traditional financial systems, and this is a favorable factor for crypto.

However, on the other hand, the idea of getting rich quick with digital currencies still dominates among crypto investors and overshadows their critical thinking. Some Influencers, such as Robert Kiosaki, play no small role in this, fueling people’s interest in such dreams and promising that buying bitcoins will bring them riches. 

Part of the crypto investors list believes that such speculation needs to be eradicated so that investors don’t come into the industry just to “make money.” This mindset makes them easy prey for scammers and scammers of all stripes who promise customers fabulous monthly profits.

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