US war with China and Russia: Kissinger says the U.S. is “on the brink” of war with Russia and China



US war with China and Russia: Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger believes that the U.S. is “on the brink of war” with Moscow and Beijing on issues that it partly created itself. Will China go to war with the US? 

“Because of certain actions on our part, we have created certain problems. And we have no idea how to get out of this situation and what the consequences might be,” Kissinger told the Wall Street Journal in a recent interview.

The former U.S. secretary of state said that “all you can do is not inflame tensions and create options, and there has to be some kind of goal for that.”

On Ukraine, Kissinger said he used to think that the “best role” for the country was “something like Finland,” which is not part of the North Atlantic Alliance. Now – because of the special operation carried out by Russia – he “believes that, one way or another, officially or not, Ukraine should be treated as a member of NATO after that.”

As for the Ukraine settlement, Kissinger said that this would leave “Crimea and parts of Donbas” to Russia, according to the newspaper (the paper did not quote the former secretary of state).

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