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Election concerns in France give euro worst week in two months

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Dollar stays strong, political uncertainty saps euro
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Dollar stays strong, political uncertainty saps euro

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So far, Walt Disney stock had its best performance so far at the end of 2011, when the stock price was steadily rising until the beginning of 2015, and while at the end of 2011 one Walt Disney share was worth about $30, in January 2015 it was ~$92. Then investors, and anyone who used the current stock price of DIS for making money, tripled their initial investment. 

Walt Disney Holding Company’s sound performance continues to perform well, which is why it is an attractive company to invest in. You can add the company’s securities to your portfolio, along with Boeing and other corporations. 

DIS stock price history: how to buy Walt Disney stock?

DIS premarket stock prices are quite volatile. There are many ways to buy Walt Disney stock, whose shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Since ordinary people cannot work directly with the stock exchange, it is necessary to seek help from an intermediary between the financial market and the investor — a broker. 

In the USA there are a lot of brokers who are ready to do all the paperwork for you, after which you will become the official owner of Walt Disney stock with a certificate. If you constantly analyze the economic performance of the company, follow all the events that occur in the media industry, you can get a good profit on DIS stock prices

For example, knowing that Walt Disney Studios will premiere any movie or cartoon soon, or if they plan to open a new entertainment complex, or if ESPN television studio will sign a major contract to show a sports event, the value of The Walt Disney holding shares will naturally go up. 

DIS stock price prediction

The Walt Disney Media Holdings company has a positive DIS stock price prediction. The company continues to absorb smaller media market companies, which suggests the stock price is rising. Last year (2018), The Walt Disney Company earned 12% more than in 2017, confirming the company’s upward trend. Given that people prefer to watch streaming TV online, starting in 2019, Walt Disney expects to promote its own streaming video service, which will reduce the cost of cable channels that Walt Disney owns. but increase the company’s overall interactive media profits.

The value of Walt Disney’s shares is growing from year to year, as the media holding company controls many sectors of the media market. Having several large subsidiaries, the media holding diversifies the risks in case one of the companies closes the year with losses, which makes the Walt Disney shares very attractive to investors.

The most famous subsidiaries of the Walt Disney media holding company, generating good profits and revenues:

  • Pixar Animation Studios — the main business, the production of animated films for adults and children. Distribution of animated products — huge box office receipts, both in America itself and in foreign countries.
  • Marvel Television, which owns the rights to many popular, well-known characters. Their use in movies, cartoons and computer games brings in considerable income. The most famous characters used in the Marvel media space are Spider-Man, Iron Man. Using the brand with the image of famous characters on clothing, literary publications, children’s furniture, school supplies (briefcases, pencil cases, pens) — all this brings profit to the holding company; Walt Disney;
  • Marvel Worldwide Inc. and Icon Comics, two publishers that boost the company’s revenue by releasing large-scale runs of comic books;
  • ABC Studio, which produces many series for children and adults each year;
  • ESPN Television, which broadcasts sports;
  • Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, which specializes in providing entertainment in a large network of children’s amusement parks in many countries. Adults and children have always been interested in the world of fairy tales and entertainment, and meeting and spending time with fairy tale characters is very exciting. That’s probably why, when interest in family movies declined in the 80’s, amusement parks brought in more revenue than movie rentals;
  • Walt Disney Pictures, a motion picture studio that for many years has been making interesting and entertaining movies for children, which incidentally are watched by adults as well;
  • Lucasfilm Ltd, a large film company, which has been part of the media holding company since the beginning of the last century, and brings in a huge income (the most famous film made by the studio is “Star Wars”);
  • 21st Century Fox is a large holding company, Walt Disney has a large stake in the company, which generates profits not only through colossal box office receipts from the distribution of motion pictures, but also from its television channels;
  • Disney Nature — this subsidiary company introduces viewers to the world of plants and animals of our planet, to the inexhaustible wonders of nature.

DIS stock price history demonstrates the company’s growth. Soon, the number of companies in the holding will increase significantly, as Walt Disney is constantly looking for new promising directions, investing in startups and buying out older companies to expand its client base.

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