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Ford Motor Company (F)

Ford Motor Company Review

Ford Motor Company is one of the oldest and largest automotive companies in the world. It was founded in the early 20th century by the renowned inventor Henry Ford, and for nearly 120 years, the corporation has remained under the control of his family.

How Ford Motor Company was Established

In 1903, Henry Ford gathered 12 investors from Michigan who raised a significant sum of $28,000, and on June 16, 1903, he filed for the incorporation of Ford Motor Company. Ford assumed the roles of chief engineer and vice president, holding a 25.5% stake in the company.

By 1906, Ford became the majority owner of F stock and the president of the corporation. In 1907, the company introduced its first oval logo, symbolizing a commitment to excellence, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Ford produced 19 models, labeled from A to S. Finally, in 1908, they launched the iconic Model T, also known as the “Tin Lizzy,” which became the world’s first mass-produced car.

With the success of the Model T, Henry Ford’s business soared. However, he sought to increase the speed of automobile production. In 1913, Ford conducted the first experimental assembly line, with the generator being the initial assembly unit.

Henry Ford is renowned for his efforts to improve the lives and financial well-being of workers, which helped reduce turnover in factories. As a result, Ford stocks are now traded globally, and their cars are driven in countries worldwide.

NYSE: F — Interesting Facts

Henry Ford famously said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black.” From 1914 to 1926, the American Ford factory exclusively produced cars in black because black paint dried in just 48 hours, whereas other colors took around two weeks to dry.

Ford was the first automaker to install splinter-free glass in their vehicles. Henry Ford took an interest in inventions and learned about safety glass developed by French chemist Edouard Benedict, which utilized a coating of cellulose nitrate. Ford became Benedict’s second client, with the first being gas mask manufacturers.

Ford conducted the first crash tests in the 1950s. They established a special unit to test new models, and in 1954, crash tests with dummies equipped with special measuring equipment were introduced.

Ford specialists developed the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), which was first installed on the Ford Scorpio in 1985. It was a significant innovation that gained popularity. Previous attempts to develop and install ABS had been made, including one on a Lincoln, but it was deemed too complicated and expensive.

Ford Motor Company remains a family corporation even today. After nearly 120 years since its founding, the chairman of the company is still a relative of Henry Ford, specifically his great-grandson William Clay Ford Jr.

Ford Motor Company Stock: What’s Next

Ford Motor Company stock is part of the “Big Three of Detroit,” which includes the three largest U.S. automakers, namely General Motors and Chrysler Group LLC. These corporations are referred to unofficially as such due to their association with the city of Detroit or its vicinity.

In the first quarter of 2023, the company reported revenue of $40.2 billion, surpassing analysts’ forecasts. Net income reached $667 million, which was 19% higher than projected. Ford’s market capitalization is also growing.

“We have a really strong order bank, significant pent-up demand, and our products are selling as fast as we can make them,” stated Ford Chief Financial Officer John Lawler following the release of the report.

The company continues to pursue growth and is unafraid to innovate, following in the footsteps of its great founder. Ford Motor Company stocks show promise for ongoing growth. In fact, during the announcement of the new F-150 Lightning model, Ford CEO Jim Farley declared that the company had become “the leader of all-electric pickups in the USA.” While currently ranking second in the electric vehicle market after Tesla, Ford’s accelerating sales pace suggests that it may one day claim the top position.

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