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Oil market still set to tighten in second half of 2024 – UBS
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Oil market still set to tighten in second half of 2024 – UBS – The major energy agencies have all recently made revisions to the likely oil balances this year and next, but they still point to…

Gold slips lower; central bank buying set to boost demand
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Crude oil edges higher on supply concerns; API stocks rise
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Crude oil edges higher on supply concerns; API stocks rise — Oil prices edged higher Wednesday, with elevated tensions in the Middle East providing support after U.S. inventories rose more than expected.  By 08:45…

Oil hits seven-week high on demand hopes, war jitters
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Oil hits seven-week high on demand hopes, war jitters

By Noah Browning and Deep Kaushik Vakil LONDON (Reuters) -Oil prices hit seven-week highs on Wednesday as summer demand optimism and concerns over escalating conflicts…

LatAm allocation a ‘must’ for portfolios, UBS EM Americas CIO says
10 hours ago

LatAm allocation a ‘must’ for portfolios, UBS EM Americas CIO says

By Mehnaz Yasmin (Reuters) – A spate of political reforms and economic cycles has elevated Argentinian dollar-denominated sovereign bonds and Latin American corporate bonds to…

NIO — a young Chinese company, even though it was founded in 2014, the manufacturer of electric cars has already managed to be listed on the major sites of the planet. Capitalization has already exceeded $30 billion, and sales in 2021 reached $5,626 billion. NIO stock prices today — not a bad choice for growth portfolio, in the future. The quotes for these securities may grow significantly.

The company has issued 3 classes of stock:

  • A — common voting securities, each entitled to 1 vote at the shareholders’ meeting. In total, 1.313779445 billion shares were issued, more than 95% of which are in free circulation.
  • B — are not traded on the stock exchange; the weight of each is increased to 8 votes. There are 128.293932 million shares of this type.
  • C — each corresponds to 1 vote, also not traded on the stock exchange; there are 166.982691 million securities of this type.

Ordinary shares are traded on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol 9866.HK, listed on March 10, 2022. Depositary receipts are available on exchanges in other countries; ADRs on the NYSE became available on September 12, 2018. Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas acts as the depositary bank. Each depositary receipt corresponds to one share.

In addition to the NYSE and Hong Kong Exchange, depositary receipts for these shares are available on the German, Russian, Mexican and Swiss exchanges. The main volume is on the NYSE, where you will even find Eurobonds

There are no obvious “whales” among shareholders who believe in NIO stock price predictions. Only 4 shareholders have a stake exceeding 2% of the total number of shares. They include:

  • Baillie Gifford & Co.
  • Hillhouse Investment Management Ltd.
  • The Vanguard Group, Inc.
  • SSgA Funds Management, Inc.

NIO stock is included in baskets of 4 major indices:

  • ARCA China.
  • NYSE Composite.
  • MSCI EM.
  • CSI Overseas Mainland Enterprises.

The historical maximum was reached at the beginning of 2021, when NIO future stock prices were over $65. A prolonged correction followed and NIO stock more than tripled in price. 

The company does not pay dividends. NIO is at the early stage of development; in such periods the companies usually focus on the development, and expansion to the new markets.

NIO stock price history

The founder of the company was not unknown in China, Li Bin. The first experiments in business were made as far back as 1996; the attempt was successful, and in 2000. Bin joined his success by creating Bit Auto Holdings. The company was not sold until 2013, making Lee Bean a solid capital owner.

In the first half of the ’10s, Bean focused on eco-friendly transportation. He invests in relevant startups and creates NextEV Inc. with a registration in the Cayman Islands. It was supposed to be a holding company for the Chinese company Shanghai Weilai Automobile, which would produce electric cars. The success was predetermined by the fact that Bin managed to attract funding from key functionaries of Tencent, Baidu, Xiaomi, and Chehejia.

Outside China, the company started talking about it after it became a sponsor of the Chinese team Team China Racing Formula E. It is noteworthy that NextEV not only bought the team, but also developed the powertrain, and launched the production of some components in the UK.

The company is active in China, where it has already opened more than 800 battery replacement stations. The same stations are starting to be placed in Europe; the first one appeared in Norway.

Main areas of work and key competitors

Sales analysis shows that the company’s main income comes from the sale of electric cars. Electric car charging equipment and other areas account for less than 6% of total sales. Before the early 20-ies, 100% of sales came from China. After the situation began to gradually change, the first battery replacement station appeared in Norway, in the future, the share of Europe will continue to grow.

So far, NIO has withstood the competition. The company survived almost a perfect storm — high costs for developing a new model and reduced subsidies from the government and pandemic coronavirus.

Factors affecting NIO stock price

The value of these securities depends on a whole set of factors, and they include:

  • Quarterly reports. 
  • The rate of advancement outside China. 
  • The rate of infrastructure development. 
  • Security concerns. 
  • Transition to better batteries. 
  • Progress in software development for unmanned electric vehicles.
  • Possible changes in Chinese legislation. 
  • Coronavirus. Although this factor has receded into the background, production facilities are located in China and authorities there are particularly tough. 
  • Possible buyback. The Chinese supervisory authority has made recommendations in this regard. Other corporate actions may also affect stock prices.
  • Increased regulatory pressure in China is a bearish factor for all Chinese stocks.
  • Possible delisting from NYSE due to SEC non-compliance. NIO and 4 other Chinese companies are prime candidates for delisting.

NIO after hours stock price: conclusion

NIO stock seems to be an outsider if you look at the chart only, not considering the reasons for the drop in prices. Everything is not so bad; the company has the key — a strong production base, infrastructure in China and active promotion in Europe. The business successfully competes both domestically and abroad.

The optimistic NIO stock price prediction 2025, assuming multiple growth of quotations and main multipliers is not a meaningless fantasy. There is every reason to believe that these scenarios are at least partially realized. And that means that while NIO securities are at their lows, they are worth including in your portfolio. So we can consider the NIO stock price prediction tomorrow in a positive way.  Also you can see the current stock price of DIS.

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