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0X Price Chart

0X is a protocol that facilitates peer-to-peer asset exchange on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a set of tools for developers who plan to launch a decentralized exchange, including secure smart contracts and open access to a liquidity pool. 0X can be integrated by developers at the application or smart contract level. All this makes 0X current price the most appropriate target for funds.

What’s with the 0X crypto price today

Severe volatility in the cryptocurrency markets and the explosive growth of the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector have increased interest in the 0X coin price chart. For example, the ZRX to USD price rose sharply. From $0.35 at the beginning of 2021 to $2.4 by April.

However, 0X price now, like almost the entire cryptocurrency sector, has been under serious pressure. As of July 2022, the 0X current price has fallen in price by 85% from its ATH. Losses since the beginning of the month amounted to 25%.

The ZRX USD chart is now showing $0.31.

How the 0X coin news run the coin’s value

News of a $15 million funding round raised the 0X price charts’ value by 69% by Feb. 5, 2021. The ZRX to USD cost rose from $1.01 to $1.71, and by February 14 it reached $1.92.

The historical 0X token price chart shows the next plot:

  1. A rapid increase from $0.18 at the time of the launch of the coin in August 2017 to an all-time high of $2.50 in January 2018. 
  2. Until the end of the year, the 0X live price chart remained volatile, dropping to $0.44, then rising to $1.76, recording two more peaks. 
  3. As a result, ZRX ended the year at $0.32. 
  4. In the next 2019, the coin was significantly more stable. Most of the time, the price fluctuated between $0.15 and $0.30.

In 2020 against the backdrop of positive 0X coin news, the price rose from $0.14 in April to an annual high of $0.74 in August but dropped to $0.33 by December. However, in January 2021, in the wake of the general growth of cryptocurrencies, 0X price charts doubled. Growth continued in February, when the 0X crypto price rate reached $1.92, after which it fell to $1.30. The increase for the year as of March 2 was 277%.

0X price prediction: when to expect for the ATH

In April 2021, the ZRX USD rate peaked at $2.40, then fell to $1.33, and then soared again to $2.14 in May. 

Having such fluctuations in mind the 0X price prediction makers are very careful.

Wallet Investor, a smart forecasting service, is bullish on the ZRX as a “great” long-term investment and indicates that the 0X token price will rise to $1.03 by late 2022. According to the forecast, the price of the 0x coin at the beginning of 2023 will be $1.614, and by the end of 2025, the 0X live price chart will reach $3.44. is slightly less optimistic about the 0X price now, believing that the average price for 2022 will be $1.18 and will continue to rise. If we consider an even more distant perspective, then according to the service, in 2028 the 0X coin price chart will show us $3.61. Also you can see Ontology and Safemoon price prediction.

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