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SAFEMOON Price Chart

SafeMoon is a DeFi protocol on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Claimed as a solution to the problems faced by liquidity providers in decentralized finance protocols – intermittent losses, crowding out new investors by earlier ones. The concept of “reflection” used by SafeMoon implies static rewards that mitigate most of the shortcomings. Eventually, this makes the SAFEMOON coin price chart grow even in such severe conditions.

SAFEMOON live price chart in recent days

The past few months have been extremely volatile, even by their own standards, for the SAFEMOON price charts. By March 25, the SAFEMOON token price had fallen another 5% to $0.00092.

On March 23, the SAFEMOON USD price rose above $0.001 but then fell sharply by 20%. A few hours later, the SAFEMOON live price chart returned to $0.001, after which it again fell by 13%, and then rose by 26% to $0.0011. Sudden and sharp price spikes are not uncommon, but they have been too frequent and strong lately.

This coincided with Safemoon’s transition to SWaP, its own exchange system for trading without the participation of a centralized exchange. This caused a stoppage of work for 48 hours.

It also prolongs the SAFEMOON crypto price downtrend that has been going on since the beginning of 2021, helped by the start of litigation accusing the company of operating under a “pump and dump” scheme.

As a result the SAFEMOON price now is $0.0004636.

Hot SAFEMOON coin news

SafeMoon announced that the wallet app had reached 600,000 downloads. Another important event for the SafeMoon cryptocurrency was the launch in December of the second version of the project called SafeMoon V2. Along with this, there was a 1,000:1 reverse split with a new SFM supply of 1 trillion, which also gave growth to the SAFEMOON to USD chart.

As part of gaining widespread attention, rapper Miles Parks McCollum, better known as Lil Yachty, supported SafeMoon by tweeting that SafeMoon could become the new DogeCoin (DOGE). Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has also publicly expressed his support for the SAFEMOON token price.

SAFEMOON price prediction: buy, sell or hold?

In regards to the future SAFEMOON crypto price, as of July 2022, the Wallet Investor algorithmic service gave a negative picture. The analysts value the SAFEMOON price now as a bad long-term (one year) investment. Based on historical data from the SAFEMOON coin price chart, Wallet Investor predicted the price of the coin to fall to $0.00005 by February 2023. The service then expects the SAFEMOON USD cost to drop to near zero within a year. Also you can see Horizen and Harmony price prediction.

DigitalCoin Price, in turn, gave a bullish SAFEMOON price prediction. The service expects the SAFEMOON price charts to grow:

  • $0.0013 in 2022. 
  • in 2023 the price will be $0.0015,
  • in 2024- $0.0015, 
  • in 2025 – $0.0019,
  • in 2028 – $0.0033. 

By 2030, we’ll see $0.0046 in the SAFEMOON coin news.

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