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Basic Attention Current Price: Chart, Position, Prognosis & Reports

Would you mind finding out all linked news and reports about the Basic Attention: current price, the connection of the BA digital asset (BAT), and USD?

Basic Attention Crypto Price & Statistics

Real position

  • The Basic Attention live price chart is $0.3217. This chart is shifting each time due to the instability of the rate. You should reload the page each time you need to get the up-to-date databases each time you wish it.
  • There are more than 1.50 B BAT tokens.
  • The trading amount is $68.50 M for the last 24h for the Basic Attention coin price chart.
  • Market Cap is $481.26 M.


1 BAT is estimated at 0.3217 USD. Keep this page of updated to discover relevant data about the rate of alternative currency.


Today’s Basic Attention token price has lowered by -5.72%, and the weekly price has decreased by -5.31%. Finally, the monthly rate has fallen by -25.98%

Bear in mind: next time, we all can observe various changes, as well as the related changes. That’s why you should adhere your assets strictly to the forecast of traders.

Letizo Chart of Blockchains

Basic Attention charge now is in 56th place among all in our Chart of blockchains. The position is granted according to the relation to the current rate, market cap, and other indicators.

What might be changed soon?

Different traders make Basic Attention price predictions. Which one can be named trustworthy? We assembled the following forecasts on our page:

  • traders state that the BAT chart at the end of 2022 is 4.39 USD, and this is a good price forecast for digital tokens. It may get the rate that starts from $4.26 to $5.28 in 2028.
  • Crypto Ground prognosis about BAT is 1.77 USD as of 2025.
  • According to Wallet Investor, the token charge for 2026 is $3.587.
  • However, DigitalCoinPrice specialists note that the chart of a coin by the end of 2022 is $1.

As you can see, prognoses represent future charts that might occur in different directions. Each of the predictions is reliable. It is created by responsible, and well-known sources, and traders.

Latest News About Tokens

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