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BitDAO Price Chart

BitDAO — overview, what is this cryptocurrency, price forecast and where to buy BIT tokens

When dealing with blockchain DAO projects and cryptocurrencies, you should definitely pay attention to one of the biggest leaders of this market — BitDAO. We will take a detailed look at what BIT tokens are, where and how to buy BIT tokens and where to add them to stacking (for passive income); what prospects are, and a price forecast for BIT tokens according to leading analysts and traders. BitDAO crypto price prediction is quite optimistic.

What is BitDAO? BitDAO price chart

Bit DAO coin is one of the largest blockchain-based DAO funds in the world with billions of assets to support various participants of decentralized economies around the world. All decisions are made by voting among BIT token holders. This speaks to the outlook and positive outlook on BitDAO crypto price predictions. 

A DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is a popular management system in the cryptocurrency industry, in which project token holders can manage all the key actions of the entire organization. BitDAO is supported by major crypto funds and investors such as: Pantera, Bybit, Founders Fund, Dragonfly, Spartan, Peter Thiel. So we have an optimistic DAO price prediction.

Who are the founders of BitDAO is not known, since it is a decentralized organization without definite leaders, all members of which have voting rights and make decisions in a joint and transparent vote.

BitDAO supports the design, development and funding of new and existing crypto projects in the areas of DAO, DeFi, NFT, blockchain games, etc.

What is a Bit DAO coin?

BIT is a token of the BitDAO project, whose holders can make proposals in developing BitDAO, as well as directly participate in the adoption of other “holders” of the BIT cryptocurrency. BIT token is issued on Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20), so it can be stored in wallets that support this standard (for example: MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet, Metamask, etc.).

One of the main strategic partners of BitDAO is ByBit, which annually invests at least $1 billion and uses BITtoken as a native token on its exchange.

BitDAO crypto price prediction for the coming years

Since BIT tokens started trading (in the summer of 2021) at just over $1.6, the maximum value of BIT tokens reached $3 in the fall of the same year. But after the whole cryptocurrency market began to correct, the price dropped to its previous value.

If there is a “crypto winter” in the market in 2022-2023, the value of BIT tokens may temporarily fall below $1. but likely not for long, as there is always demand for this cryptocurrency due to constant activity on ByBIT exchange (especially during the launch of new projects on Launchpad).

With the next market growth soon, the price of BIT token may well reach the $10 mark or more, if the project continues to be actively developed and supported by its community and other exchanges as well.

Main principles and advantages

  • Is a fast growing, large international decentralized project. 
  • Is a secure network, because all important decisions are made by the community, BitDAO cooperates with Amber (one of the best blockchain security organizations) and in a long time the project has not had any violations or hacks. 
  • There is no single governance; all decisions are made by BIT token holders. 
  • One of the largest decentralized funds with an asset balance of over $2 billion.

BitDAO crypto price prediction: conclusions

Since its beginning, BitDAO remains one of the most promising and largest decentralized autonomous organizations, which many see as a great future and active development in the future. Due to the trust and participation in developing, the world’s largest investors and funds, as well as the well-known exchange ByBit, the project has great prospects for development, and BitDAO future price has great potential for growth. Also you can see Immutablex and Xdc network price predictions.

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