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Immutable X Price Chart

Immutable X Price Chart 2022

Immutable X crypto claims to be the best scaling solution for non-replaceable tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The Immutable X blockchain is designed to overcome the limitations of Ethereum, such as low bandwidth, slow development experience, poor end-user experience, and lack of liquidity. On, it takes only 86th place in the ranking, but it is confidently holding in the first hundred of the crypto chart.

Is Immutable X Price Drop Possible?

According to the latest expert forecasts, the Immutable X stock is experiencing a major shock that will continue for some time. But as practice shows, this situation can also suddenly change. Therefore, to make a final decision on whether to buy Immutable X tokens, it is worth tracing the history of its price and forecasts for the next few years.

Immutable X Price History 

The price changes every minute. But let’s follow this year’s Immutable X airdrop.

January 2022March 2022May 2022July 2022September 2022

At the beginning of the year, experts claimed that Immutable X price prediction 2022 would be around $0.510168. And based on the current price of $0.5506, this is quite expected.

Immutable X Price Forecast for 2025 & 2030

The forecast for the next two years is disappointing and portends price fluctuations. So let’s choose 2025 and 2030 to analyze future Immutable X coin prices.

  • The distributed global order book allows a third-party NFT market to coexist with the main Immutables X market. With this in mind, the growing demand for NFT development and deployment on the network could increase IMX’s demand, pushing the token to its maximum price. So, Immutable X price prediction 2025 is $3.41.
  • 2030 is a long time, but we think the IMX has plenty of time to establish itself as a market pet in terms of performance. In their Immutable X price prediction 2030, traders expect it to exceed its current ATH and reach its highest price of $11.16. The expected minimum price for the entire year is $10.83, and the average transaction value is $11.02.
  • Also you can see Xdc network and Helium price predictions.

Immutable X Blockchain Features

Immutable X has the advantage of being the first Tier 2 solution to use zk-rollups and is completely NFT-focused. With the growing importance of zk-rollups as a scaling solution, the project is at the forefront of the development of the Ethereum ecosystem. If Immutable X staking can achieve the promised transaction speed of 9000 tps, it has a good chance of becoming the default NFT blockchain. In addition, users do not need to switch between networks to connect wallets.

What Is ​​Immutable X?

It is a second-layer blockchain with zero gas fees on which operators can set their trading fees.

How to Buy Immutable X?

To buy crypto, you must choose a reliable exchange where the Immutable X price Ethereum corresponds to the current one. These platforms include the following:

  • Binance;
  • BTCEX;
  • XT.COM;
  • OKX.

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