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Wondering what is Chainlink price now? This page is made by team, so you keep your mind sharp and get known all important data about the token, and it’s price.

Chainlink Crypto Price Chart

Chainlink current price

Chainlink price now is $6.22 during the last 24 hours in the market charts. Market cap of LINK is $6.26 B. Today’s rate is higher on +1.20% rather than previous Chainlink token price. However, weekly and monthly rates are negative.

The total amount of the LINK tokens operated on the market is 1,000,000,000.0 coins. The total volume is 32,515,123.5 USD.

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The highest Chainlink crypto price

The maximum price was $47.19 on the 6th of May 2021.

Chainlink & coin price chart is glad  to show  a section of our site that any person that is up to Crypto may open at any time and will get 24/7 updated data about what is going on in the crypto world.

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Chainlink price prediction: 2022-2025

What the price of the coin in 2022?

According to the specialized research of Chainlink prices foreseen in 2022, the lowest cost of Chainlink will be $8.10. The highest level that the LINK rate can achieve is $9.60. The middle trading rate is expected for about $8.43. Also you can see Wrapped coin  and Etherium classic price predictions.

LINK price forecast 2023

It is expected that the price of the token will reach $12.37 on average. The maximum price may be $14.45, and the minimum would be $12.03.

Chainlink crypto price in 2024

The medium expected trading rate is $19.05. The highest price is $20.76, the lowest price is $18.55.

LINK token rate prediction 2025

The middle trading rate in 2025 is $27.41. The MIN is $26.64, the MAX is $32.01.


What is Chainlink?

Chainlink (LINK) is one of the popular cryptocurrencies and technology systems that allows blockchain platforms to securely work with external data.

What does LINK do?

LINK operates blockchain technology to securely allow computations on and off-blockchain, helping what it calls hybrid smart contracts.

Is link a good token for investment?

Letizo’s team supposes that LINK coin is a good cryptocurrency to invest for a short and long period.

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