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Would you fancy knowing Ethereum’s classic present price and knowing what experts say about the future of ETC price? We at are working all day long to gather the most breathtaking news about crypto prices! Enjoy reading and keep the latest data about Crypto here.

Cost Chart of ETC

Next, we will talk about the existing cost, the best deals, and the charge of ETC prognosis.

Ethereum classic live price chart

So, what to expect from 24-hour intervals? Ethereum’s classic present price is $15.57. It is powered by a 24-h trading amount of $219 161 159 in the flow. Today’s Market Cap is $2,118,812,535. There are 135 728 877 ETC tokens in the circulation process.


1 ETC = 15.57 USD.

Is it UP or DOWN?

Ethereum’s classic price now is down by -2.2%. The weekly charge is up by +7.07%, and the monthly charge is decreased by -21.99%.

Where to purchase Ethereum classic?

The best Ethereum classic crypto prices are on AAX, OKX, Binance, BitCoke, and Bitget.

The place at the Rating

We have been given 27th place in our rank of non-classic currencies!

ETC Charge per Token Forecast

Ethereum’s classic price prediction for the rest of the twelvemonth is promising at 

  • September-November 2022: the medium price is $22.00-$23.34;
  • December 2022: the medium price is $24.27.

Technical Report for AAPL is entertaining:

There is a NEUTRAL position for a week and a BUY position for a month. Also you can see Monero and Bittorent price predictions.

And what is going to happen with ETC in the upcoming years?

Well, according to the Changelly prognosis, we may spot the rates between $35.09 and $41.63 in 2023.

2024-2025 can bring rates from $51.74 and $73.73 on average. Note: the charge is forming, and established on various internal and external factors that are happening world-wide.

What Is Ethereum Classic & why it’s unique?

ETC is a separated element of ETH. Platform’s primary role is to build a smart arrangement system, with the capacity to arrange and help DApps. The classic one has its own token, the ETC (not ETH).

Since 2016, the platform has strived to distinguish from a big brother, with the 2 network tech roadmaps dividing outlying from each one every period.

Ethereum Classic was initially formed to keep the virtue of the current Ethereum blockchain afterwards a huge hack led to the stealing of 3.6 M ETH tokens.

What is the aim?

Ethereum Classic’s major purpose is to sustain the Ethereum blockchain as it originally was, without artificially disagreeing with the DAO break.

Thank you for reading our Chart and Guide about ETC! Would you like to know ETH? Visit this page too!

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