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CUSDC Price Chart

The Compound USD Coin project is a collaboration between several companies. However, the development of the cryptocurrency was carried out by Compound. Therefore, the CUSDC current price is really stable.

But what do the CUSD coin news have to tell us?

Secret behind the CUSDC crypto price stability

The creators of the digital currency did not use their blockchain to work, so they took the Ethereum platform as a base. Thus all the CUSDC price charts are influenced by the ERC-20 standard, but the situation may change in the future.

The developers claim that the coin has several differences compared to standard stablecoins and hereby the CUSDC to USD rate is more reliable. They argue that digital money is considered a complete analog of US dollars, so Compound USD cannot be bought or sold for USD in order to generate income. It is possible to use direct conversion in a ratio of 1:1. 

However, many analysts note the fact that the CUSDC coin price chart is relatively young, so it’s not worth talking about 100% work on the specified algorithm yet.

What one should know about the CUSDC live price chart?

Compound tokens such as CUSDC comply with the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. They represent a certain currency deposited in the Compound liquidity pool, one of the most popular DeFi protocols. That’s why the CUSDC coin price chart has no depeg cases.

CUSDC is a record of your USDC digital dollars entered into the Compound protocol. When you deposit CUSDC to USD, you receive the corresponding dollars. Anyone holding CUSDC or any other cTokens receives the prevailing market interest rate. 

Interest payments are not transferred to depositors, but are expressed through the cToken exchange rate. For example, over time, each cToken becomes convertible into a growing amount of its underlying USDC asset. At the same time, the number of cTokens in your wallet remains the same.

How do you check the CUSDC current price?

As of today, the stablecoin isn’t listed on major crypto exchanges, Hence the best places to check the CUSDC crypto price are:


Latest CUSD coin news

As of July 2022, Compound supports 9 different currencies including:

  • ETH,
  • DAI
  • the US dollar. 

Each type of currency deposited in Compound has a corresponding cToken. For example, if you deposit ether (ETH), you will receive cETH tokens. Given such versatility, the CUSDC USD rate will only strengthen in the future.

CUSDC price prediction

CUSDC can be transferred to anyone just like you transfer any other digital asset. cTokens are essentially a tokenized deposit position that can be used as collateral in other liquidity pools or exchanged for other digital assets. This is something that traditional consumer finance did not have. Also you can see Dash and Neo price prediction.

Overall, analysts give positive CUSDC price prediction since the interest rates are within the CUSDC USD asset, not with the owner of the asset.

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