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Fantom Price Chart

Fantom Price Analysis 2022

Fantom is a popular platform, and its coin is placed on the chart and is ranked 59th. However, its price changes in real time, so it isn’t easy to give an exact figure. Currently, the price is $0.2065, which is 1.47% higher than yesterday. By observing its dynamics, we can look at Fantom price prediction for 2030 or any other year.

Why Is Fantom Price Going Down?

There are no exact reasons for the sudden changes in the Fantom cycle price. But specialists attribute this to a hacker attack on the Deus Finance trading program, which runs on its network. It has raised some concerns about the safety and viability of buying cryptocurrencies.

Fantom Crypto Price AUD of Previous Years

By 2019, the price increased remarkably. It met an ongoing bearish tendency toward a crash in 2020 and was $0.001962. Later, it began to grow rapidly, and its value exceeded $0.05. In 2021, it hit an all-time high of $3.47. Then, the token’s price continues to trade with significant volatility.

What Was the Fantom Price Expectation for 2019-2022?


Fantom Price Prediction AUD for 2023-2030

Predictions for 2023-2024 promise a slight cost increase. But based on market capitalization, Fantom price prediction 2025 is the most favorable. Experts are convinced that the forthcoming price of FTM could rise to $4.70. And Fantom crypto price prediction 2030 will be $18-$22. Also you can see Iota and Maker price prediction.

Feature of Fantom in the Blockchain World

Fantom is trying to make it easier for smart contract services to use the new mechanism of the consensus that developers built from scratch. Lachesis contributes to higher throughput and transaction completion times of two seconds. In other words, the project’s mission is to ensure interoperability between all trading entities worldwide. Therefore, the FTM Fantom price is important because it is the basis of the transaction, allowing traders to collect commissions, place bets, and reward them.

Fantom Safety

Fantom uses its arrangement of the proof-of-stake algorithm to supply services and guarantee safety. Lachesis is an algorithm that stands as an example of the ABFT consensus mechanism. So, Fantom avoids the risk of low-cost attacks, and staking adds additional incentives for users and secure transactions. And it is possible by removing leadership among participants. 

What Is Fantom?

Fantom is a controlled acyclic graph smart contract platform that offers developers decentralized financial services using its unique consensus algorithm. With the help of its own FTM token, it seeks to solve issues often innate in smart contracts. In particular, the commerce speed is lowered to two seconds.

Where to Buy FTM?

Despite the Fantom price drop, the perspective is not entirely negative, and many investors aiming for future success are using the following platforms to buy:

  • Binance; 
  • OKX;
  • XT.COM; 
  • BTCEX.

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