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HARMONY Price Chart

The ONE in Crypto: Harmony Current Price & Reliable Predictions

ONE is one of the most famous coins, no wonder you are looking for its USD relevance! has gathered all needed information about Harmony’s current price, as well as related data. Enjoy reading!

Harmony crypto price

Harmony token price now is $0.02221 on day hour trading quantity is $19.89 M. The Mkt Cap is $274.14 M. Overall, there are 12.31 B of ONE coin globally over the net. The current position of Letizo’s Cryptocurrency Chart is #74. Visit the Harmony coin price chart page after a while to know updated data.


Would you like to know ONE coin to USD? Bam! Here it goes! 1 ONE is 0.02221 USD

Harmony live price chart

Harmony price now raised by +2.31% during 24 hours. The weekly rate is fallen by -24.9%, and the monthly status has decreased by -3.35%.

Harmony price prediction

  • What can you aspect about changes with ONE coin rates for 2022-2030? Digital Coin’s prognosis from the experts says that the Harmony price charts may show rates: of $0.073 in 2022, and $0.08 in 2023 respectively. Also, in 2025-2030 we may spot rates of the Harmony token like $0.11 to $0.25.
  • The next trusted source, Price Prediction, has made another research. From its predictions, Harmony’s crypto price is going to be from $0.19 (2022) to $3.7 (2030). The middle point is 0.54 USD per 1 ONE in 2025.
  • Bright minds from the Wallet Investor say that this crypto coin can boom with an average price of $0.73 in 2027.

Harmony coin news

Is there a place in the world, where people are gathering information about crypto, updating charts, and sharing insides from companies? Of course! is a trusted source chosen by thousands of crypto seekers and brokers with AAA-level. Also you can see 0x live price and ontology crypto news.

Here you can find Harmony coin news together with dozens of other blockchains, and stocks.

Enjoy reading the freshest ones:

  1. A man who hacked Harmony transferred funds to Tornado Cash mixer;
  2. ONE’s Horizon Bridge was hacked for $100M.


What is Harmony?

It is a sharding protocol that stands on the great wale, Ethereum. The path of the layer-2 protocol is to assist the range of dApps to settle down nicely and easily.

What is ONE?

For the protocol and the network, the ONE is a unified, unique, and flexible digital token that is used for transactions, staking, paying fees, and governing community trading.

What are the competitors of Harmony?

There are other dApp platforms and networks like Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana.

Thank you for reading, and may the crypto force be with you!

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