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HELIUM Price Chart

Helium current price is $8.65 with a total supply of $8 833 654 at the world economy arena during the last 24 hours. The existing rank is #40 in Letizo’s Cryptocurrency Price Rate. The information is constantly updating, revisit the page after some time. There are 223 000 000 HNT tokens in the global supply.


According to Helium price charts, the rate is down by -0.56%. The weekly price decreased by -6.51%, and the monthly Helium crypto price is down by -10.05%.

HNT Coin Forecast

Helium price prediction is quite fascinating. The HNT digital stake prognosis from DigitalCoinPrice predicts Helium to achieve a stake of $15.53 by July 2022 and $15.83 by the edge of December. Moreover, the forecast predicts HNT price chart for 2025 is for the token to hit a middle worth of $22.56, and it indicates it may achieve $53.68 by 2030.

What is HELIUM?

Helium, HNT is one of the popular digital currencies, and a self-operated network powered by its own decentralized blockchain that is a cold HNT token. It was launched in July 2019, and still operates effectively.

What is special about the HNT network?

The primary peculiarity lies in the functional approach that permits low-powered cordless gadgets to interact one with another, and share data and information throughout its system of nodes.

Nodes arrive in the shape of Hotspots, which are an assortment of cordless gateway and blockchain mining gadgets. Holders that use nodes thus mine and get bonuses in Helium’s aboriginal blockchain token.

Helium’s purpose is to ready IoT touch for the hereafter, determinating inadequacies in the existing area from its creation in 2013.

Who are the creators of HNT?

The blockchain was launched by three enthusiasts: Sean Carey, Amir Haleem, and Shawn Fanning. They began building the net after the official creation of the enterprise in 2013.


What are the rates? 1 HNT is 8.60 USD. Updated the page tomorrow to see new charts.

Helium coin news

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Thank you for reading our latest information about the Helium crypto priceAlso you can see Helium and Enjin coin live price charts.

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