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KUSAMA Price Chart

Would you be interested to know Kusama’s current price, the trading volume, supply, Market Cap, coin rank, and what to expect tomorrow? Read this block till the end, and you will comprehend all the required info! Mission is to provide the most notable information for crypto investors.

Kusama crypto price

As for now, the KSM crypto rate is $65.62 with a complete volume of $49.62 M during the last 24 hours. There are over 8.98 M KSM tokens in the whole supply. Today’s Market Cap is $588.58 M.

Converter KSM to USD

For now, 1 KSM is 65.62 USD. What will be tomorrow? Refresh the current page after a while to know new chart info that will be proper to the point.

Is it UP or DOWN?

Kusama price charts are the following: the daily decreased to -4.65%, and the weekly rate moved to +16%. Yet, the monthly rate is raised by +20.73%.

Token’s Rank

Kusama pricing has brought the #54 spot in Letizo’s Blockchain Rank.

Kusama Price Prediction

According to the most delinquent long-time prognosis made by Coinpriceforecast, the KSM rate will strike at $75 in December 2022 and then $100 in 2023. Token will continue to become more worthy and rise to $200 in 2025. Lastly, the KSM price may be $250 as for 1 token in 2032.

​​Another source, Cryptonewsz, states the following: we may spot $184.21 for 1 KSM at the end of 2022. Next year, the Kusama crypto price might be $214.04. The rate of $243.90 is seemed to be in 2024, and $225-$285 by 2025, according to experts of the source. Also you can see Sushi and Ecomi price prediction.

About Kusama

The founders of the blockchain platform portrayed the Kusama as a wild relative of Polkadot. The exploratory platform was created to supply a globally interoperable and flexible platform for developers.

The blockchain stands for building kit for blockchains — Substrate. And it’s closeness with Polkadot is because of the usage of this kit and the codebase.

The aim

The platform is designed to be a canary network, to deliver a test base for creators searching to invent and make their own blockchain and can be utilized as a primary platform before tossing on Polkadot.

What are the pros of Kusama?

  • Low adhesive conditions for validators;  
  • Low-level requirements to access for using parachains;
  • The most suitable blockchain for beginning startups and for testing before going on Polkadot.

KSM​​ News

Where to see the faithful Kusama coin news? Right here! Letizo’s blog has various blockchain news and charts, as well as other related statements that are useful for investors. We have dozens of news to surprise you!

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Thank you for reading the page to the end! Update this page later to learn the new rates of the Kusama coin price chart on Letizo. Stay devoted and crypto-oriented with the most outstanding info.

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