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LITECOIN Price Chart

Litecoin is famous for being a virtual architecture that solves the problems of the first digital coin and is not a competitor to the “legendary” BTC. So what to expect from the Litecoin price charts?

What’s Litecoin current price?

LTC is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with a public code, running on the blockchain of the same name. LTC is a fork of Bitcoin, hence the Litecoin token price correlates with its older brother.

So what’s the Litecoin price now? As of today, LTC’s value is estimated at $50. Given the ATH of the Litecoin crypto price (almost $420), today’s figure is a unique chance to buy some coins for your portfolio. Also you can see Shiba inu and Dai current price.

Why were Litecoin price charts so bullish?

Charles Lee, a programmer from Google (also successfully worked at Coinbase) and the founding father of the Litecoin cryptocurrency (the second fork of Bitcoin after Namecoin), presented his project on October 13, 2011.

A year and a half later, there was a dizzying increase in the Litecoin crypto price, followed by a deep correction. Then investor confidence in the technology increased again, which was immediately reflected in the Litecoin token price growth.

Autumn 2017 was marked by the release of version 0.14.2 with improved security and platform performance.

As of June 2022, version 0.21.2 is current, which includes:

  • new features, 
  • bug fixes, 
  • performance improvements. 

The update fully supports nodes, wallets, and mining for MWEB. MWEB is the largest network upgrade ever, bringing LTC fungibility and scalability. The outcomes can be seen on the Litecoin live price chart.

Coin prospects

The characteristic features of the technology and Litecoin coin price chart appealed to investors, especially the high speed of transaction confirmation and lower transaction fees. 

An important area of ​​Litecoin’s activity is meeting the growing consumer demands in accordance with the situation in the cryptocurrency market, unlocking the full power of the blockchain, and strengthening the global payment infrastructure.

What influences Litecoin price now

Litecoin boasts some very important agreements. For example, Travala, a close partner of the Litecoin Foundation, allows all LTC holders in over 200 countries to book hotels at a discount. The company has also signed contracts with major crypto-fiat payment systems, such as CoinGate.

The network is actively developing, and so does the Litecoin coin price chart. To help the Litecoin current price grow, Lee added:

  • Mimblewimble (architecture for transaction fungibility and privacy), 
  • Lightning Network layer 2 scalability solution, 
  • atomic swaps, 
  • smart contracts.

Experts’ Litecoin price prediction for the next 5 years:

  • Wallet Investor: 103 USD in 2023, 243 USD in 5 years
  • Coin Price Forecast: 125 USD in 2023, 232 USD in 5 years
  • Digital Coin Price: 95 USD in 2023, 189 USD in 5 years

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