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POLYGON Price Chart

The goal of MATIC developers is to create an efficient decentralized network with instant secure transactions. Let’s investigate how the Polygon crypto price is moving these days!

What’s Polygon current price?

Today, it is one of the most popular and promising altcoins. The Polygon live price chart shows us that you can buy one coin for $0.43. Quite a tasty price tag especially having in mind it’s ATH (almost $3) and the technology’s plans to outweigh ETH on the crypto market.

The discount of 80% is pretty astonishing. But why is there so much hype around the Polygon price charts?

Why take a closer look at the Polygon coin price chart

  • Active introduction to the market through cooperation with some other well-known blockchain projects such as Decentraland and Quarkchain.
  • Participation in Binance Launchpad. This increases the level of trust and significantly speeds up a promotion because the Polygon token price immediately appears in the listing.
  • Possible benefit. MATIC supports both transactions and smart contracts, and is compatible with other blockchain platforms, so the potential for its use is quite wide.

Polygon price prediction

Since scalability in the Ethereum network is very important, the competition in the development of appropriate solutions is also significant. Whether the Polygon token price will be successful depends on how quickly and efficiently it can deliver its solution.

As of today, the Polygon price prediction is positive as long as the development of the network goes in the right way. However, there is clearly a need for improved marketing and increased activity in social networks so that we could see a pump in the Polygon price now. Moreover, this will help attract more people to the community. Also you can see Polkadot and Lido price predictions.

What impacts Polygon price now?

The Polygon crypto price is so strong due to the next key features of the Matic platform:

  • High throughput. Up to 65,000 transactions per second thanks to the side chain architecture.
  • Safety. Delegates and stakers provide support for the network.
  • Asset compatibility. In the near future, assets from different blockchains will work together in the Matic network.
  • DeFi. Several protocols are provided for their development and deployment.

Why Polygon current price isn’t $100

MATIC is a real breakthrough for the crypto industry but there are several reasons why Polygon price charts are bearish right now:

  • Competition. There are already several solutions in the crypto space today that increase scalability through the use of side chains, including the Lighting Network.
  • Team and board of consultants. Although the CEO has considerable experience and skills, the rest of the team members have not previously been seen anywhere in the blockchain space. And among the advisers, there are no people who really have professional knowledge that can benefit the project

The Polygon coin price chart is very sensitive to these factors.

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