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POLKADOT Price Chart

What is the Polkadot coin price today? The coin hits the chart with a price of $8.78. A trading summary of the cryptocurrency of  $457 182 866 USD during the last 24-hours. To know the current price of Polkadot you should visit Letizo and update this page regularly!

DOT & USD: is it up or down?

Today’s rate of the DOT coin to USD is down by -4.71% during the last 24-hours. Weekly rates also decreased by -6.3%. The monthly cost per 1 DOT got lower by -3.12%. The price of Polkadot crypto is changing instantly, so you should monitor our graphic. We are preparing live Polkadot prices each day.

The TOP 10 exchanges with the best Polkadot token price

  1. FTX;
  2. Coinbase Exchange;
  3. Kraken;
  4. Binance;
  5. KuCoin;
  6. OKX;
  7. Bybit;
  8. Gemini;
  10. Bitget.

FAQ and the latest info like a final dot to your crypto vocabulary

What is DOT?

Polkadot is a multichain protocol created as an open-source project. The protocol links and defends a chain of specific blockchains. It facilitates the cross-connected flow of all data and asset kinds. Such operation helps different blockchains to be interoperable. Polkadot was created to deliver a foundation for a decentralized internet of blockchains that is known as Web3.

Polkadot and layer-0 metaprotocol

It is understood as a layer-0 metaprotocol due to it shows and represents a configuration for a network of layer 1 blockchains understood as parachains.

Polkadot is able to autonomously and seamlessly modernize its own codebase. It is done because metaprotocol updates the base through on-chain administration. So, the will of the crypto community of DOT governance the system.

The aim of DOT

Polkadot’s child, DOT token, acts three straight objectives:

  • staking for procedures and safety;
  • enabling network management;
  • sticking tokens to attach parachains.

Who Are the Founders of DOT?

Polkadot is the flagship protocol of Web3 Foundation, the roots of which are from Switzerland. The Swiss Foundation has a goal to promote an open-source, completely functional, and user-friendly web with no centralization.

Polkadot was founded by Peter Czaban, Dr. Gavin Wood, and Robert Habermeier.

Polkadot historical price

Polkadot price chart was $12.31 on 17 July 2021. This is the lowest price ever! The highest Polkadot coin price was $53.35 on 8 November 2021. Also you can see Lido and Litecoin historical price.

What is the Polkadot price forecast?

According to Changelly, Polkadot’s future price may reach $247.46 in 2030 with an average rate of about $218.02. But 2030 is a long way to go through, what about short distances?

  • At the end of 2022: $10.98 as the maximum price and $10.55 as minimum.
  • From January till December 2023: $15.83-$18.45.
  • Prediction of Polkadot price in 2024-2025: $22.98-$39.85.

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