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MONERO Price Chart

The Monero token price has fallen by 50% over the past weeks, retreating slightly after breaking the 2018 global high. In response to the massive sell-off in the crypto markets, the coin fell.

Considering investing in this technology? Will the price bounce or continue to fall? Here we will cover the XMR USD chart, the latest news, and future Monero price prediction.

What’s the Monero price now?

As of this writing, XMR is the 27th largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $2.2 billion according to CoinMarketCap. There are 18 million coins in circulation and the same number of coins have been created so far. There are no technical limits on the number of XMR coins mined, however, as in the case of Bitcoins, the more coins are created, the lower the mining reward, and around 2022 it will reach the limit of 0.6 XMR in two minutes.

The Monero coin price chart shows that the token soared from $156.57 in early 2021 to $517.62 on May 7, surpassing the previous global high of $495.84, which was reached during the cryptocurrency market surge in January 2018. In March 2020, during a general decline in all markets, the Monero token price fell to $39.

Over the past few weeks, the Monero price charts noticed a sharp fall from its current highs, from $341 to $97, but then bounced back to $122.

What is the future according to the Monero coin news? Will the XMR to USD price rise after the lows?

Monero price prediction

Analysts at Wallet Investor believe that the price will hit a new global high of $548.56 at the end of 2022, immediately after some weakening at the beginning of the year. Then by the end of 2025, the coin will rise to $875.20, and in May 2026 it will cost $926.49.

According to Digitalcoin’s forecast, the Monero price charts will follow a similar trajectory. Analysts believe that the XMR USD ratio will rise from an average of $364.16 in 2022 to $404.06 in 2023 and exceed $900 to an average of $970.1 in 2027. In 2028, the coin will cost about $1,024.64. Also you can see Bittorent and Stellar price predictions.

Factors impacting the Monero price now

  • The Monero coin price chart is not that stable due to the token’s anonymity – the authorities believe that in this way the developers encourage the spread of illegal information, the purchase and sale of prohibited goods. However, online anonymity is far from absolute. If a hacker manages to get hold of a significant part of the system, then in theory they can break through the anonymity of a number of transactions.
  • The transaction volume of Monero is eight times higher than that of BTC.
  • In the fall of 2018, Monero coin news were all about a vulnerability that allowed the burning of a deposit denominated in cryptocurrency; it was called Devs Patch.

Even the fact that XMR is sometimes referred to as the “currency of the dark web” is a testament to its success as an anonymous cryptocurrency. XMR to USD transaction volumes are on the rise and the increase in adoption is primarily due to people wanting to use Monero to secure private payments and donations.

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