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TEZOS Price Chart

Tezos (XTZ) burst into the crypto scene with a phenomenally successful ICO in July 2017, raising $232 million and boosting the Tezos crypto price. However, then disagreements between the founders followed, which led to delays in issuing the token. But those treacherous days seem to be over, and it is now the “next big thing” in the Tezos price charts. Looking to the future of Tezos, can this hype be justified? Is XTZ to USD a good investment?

Why turn attention to the Tezos current price

Tezos price prediction is based on a wide range of factors. Typically, XTZ investors are bullish on the long-term cost. Many point to the decentralized nature of the network, and the growing demand for XTZ itself – which is why Tezos is a good investment, in their opinion.

As of today, Tezos current price is $1.47. In early October 2021, the XTZ USD cost hit $9. Coin’s value has dropped from its all-time high to $2.5 in February 2022, but it’s still about $0.50 more than at the beginning of 2021. It currently ranks 37th by market capitalization, according to Coinmarketcap.

Despite this correction, the Tezos coin news for the next few years remain bullish. So, what figure will XTZ to USD hit by 2025?

Long-term Tezos price prediction

What do analysts think of the future Tezos coin price chart?

  • Crypto Geek is moderately bullish on Tezos price now and predicts it could reach $8 by 2025. This will be a price increase of 450% compared to today’s numbers.
  • Wallet Investor is more bullish on XTZ, predicting it could hit $9.77 by 2025. This will be an increase of more than 560%.
  • Digital Coin Price is bullish as well, predicting it could hit $10.39 by 2025. 
  • The Crypto Coin Society is the most optimistic about XTZ, predicting that the Tezos crypto price will “take off” and possibly reach $24 by 2025. This will be almost 1600% more expensive than today. 

All the Tezos coin news are about the huge advantage of being able to upgrade the blockchain without hard forks, which leads to stability and therefore attracts more developers and contributors.

What will happen to the Tezos price now?

Of course, it is impossible to predict what will happen to the Tezos live price chart with 100% certainty. Not to mention unpredictable global events that can affect market prices, as happened in March 2020 when the Tezos live price chart crashed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. en the Tezos live price chart crashed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also you can see AAVE and Chiliz live price charts.

What stands out in particular about Tezos coin price chart is their partnership with Manchester United. Moreover, there are very few bearish XTZ USD price predictions for the next few years among them. Almost all of them are bullish. 

As you may already know, XTZ supply and demand point to higher prices in the future. Since most of its circulating supply is used in staking, demand is growing exponentially. Therefore, this altcoin could be a great long-term investment, but how far the Tezos price charts can go depends on various factors.

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