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WAVES Price Chart

Would you be interested to know Waves’ current price, Market Cap, coin rank, and other fascinating information? Read this block till the end and enjoy! We are at working 24/7/365 to provide the most needed information.

Waves live price chart

Today’s WAVES rate is $5.59 with a global amount of $446.61 M during the last 24 hours. There are over 100.00 M WAVES coins in total supply. Today’s Market Cap is $554.60 M.

Converter WAVES to USD

For now, 1 WAVES is 5.59 USD. Please, update this page after some time to get new chart data that will be accurate to the moment.

Is it UP or DOWN?

Waves’ crypto price is up by +2.04%, the weekly rate is shifted to +17.5%. Finally, the monthly rate is up by +27.90%.

Coin’s Rank

Waves coin price chart has brought the #58 place in our Blockchain Ranking List.

Waves Price Prediction: 2022-2024

An interesting report from Coinpedia, the WAVES price prognosis, mentions that the blockchain will rise to $7.24 by December 2022. At the end of 2023, the coin is tossed to soar to its max of roughly $7.316. By 2024, the Waves’ worth is counted to strike the highest price of $11.214. Also you can see Evmos and Gnosis price prediction.


What Is Waves (WAVES)?

Waves is a multi-aimed cryptosystem that sustains diverse service cases, enclosing smart contracts and DApps. It was officially launched in 2016. The initial build of Waves was to 

enhance the original blockchain outlets by boosting utility, swiftness, and UI/UX.

The system has experienced different modifications and added new spin-off elements to construct its authentic build.

About the token

Waves’ aboriginal digital coin is WAVES, an uncapped stockpile token operated for everyday transactions such as block rewards. It is a widespread token in the crypto community that has its blockchain.

News About WAVES

Where to find the hottest Waves coin news? Here! Letizo’s blog is full of cryptocurrency news, as well as stocks, politics, economics, etc. We have a lot of info to surprise you!

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