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Shares of Bitcoin-linked companies stocks are declining

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bitcoin companies stocks and bonds

Bitcoin company stocks and cryptocurrencies are related. Risk appetite is steadily rising as markets enter a key reporting season when tech companies reveal their second-quarter results. In line with this growing risk appetite, Bitcoin rose above $24,000 last week. 

Bitcoin companies’ stocks are declining

After Tesla published its report, when it was revealed that Ilon Musk’s company had sold 75% of its Bitcoins, the first cryptocurrency began to decline. Shares of MicroStrategy, Coinbase and other tech companies also rose until the middle of last week. 

Since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin has lost more than 50% of its value. In that respect, its movement is in line with that of technology companies. And companies holding Bitcoin on their balance sheets are most exposed to the fluctuations of the first cryptocurrency. Are you interested in stocks and bonds of bitcoin companies? 

Tesla stock

Bitcoin company stocks and cryptocurrencies are related. Tesla (TSLA) reported quarterly earnings that outperformed earnings per share (EPS) and largely matched revenue. More accurately, this increase in EPS was helped by Tesla selling most of its assets in Bitcoin last quarter. Elon Musk has been an ardent supporter of the crypto space, and this news was enough to cause Bitcoin to start falling.

MicroStrategy’s Margin Call

MicroStrategy head Michael Saylor must have been thanking Ilon Musk for his Bitcoin sale! During the crypto winter that the cryptocurrency market plunged into, rumors of Microstrategy and a devastating margin call were rife on social media and even in the mainstream media. Microstrategy pursued a proactive strategy during the boom, using debt markets to fund its Bitcoin purchases. 

This meant that any potential margin call could easily be met with its large assets in Bitcoins without jeopardizing its financial viability. The $21,000 level was seen as a liquidation level for the company’s positions, and many predicted the end of MicroStrategy if that level was crossed. That price was broken down, and Microstrategy remains very much a going concern. The $21,000 level referred to one very specific loan from Silvergate Capital.

The microstrategy has almost 130,000 Bitcoins, according to the latest figures. The company has a lot of debt, but for the most part that debt is due from 2025 to 2027. Some of the debt is secured, and some can be converted, but the company has almost 130,000 Bitcoins available, which is a large margin of financial strength that can be sold if necessary. Bitcoin must collapse for MSTR to be in jeopardy. Microstrategy stock has lost more than 50% since the beginning of the year, echoing the dynamics of Bitcoin.

Coinbase stock

There is also a strong correlation between Coinbase (COIN) stock and Bitcoin. However, the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is not as dependent on its Bitcoin portfolio, but depends on market sentiment. The company’s business is under attack from GameStop, which is Coinbase’s competitor in the NFT market. NFT’s trading floor, Gamestop, was ahead of NFT’s Coinbase in July. GameStop is new to the industry, but is a well-known name among retail traders and a well-recognized brand.

Shares of Voyager Digital LTD

Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Voyager Digital LTD (VOYG) did not survive the market crisis and went bankrupt. The company’s shares have lost 98% since the beginning of the year. 

Marathon Digital Holdings Inc.

Another major Bitcoin holder, Marathon Digital Holdings Inc (MARA) has lost more than 60% of its capitalization since the beginning of the year.

Square Inc.

Square Inc. (SQSP) is losing less than its fellow Bitcoin holders. Its loss is 35% since the beginning of the year.

Hut 8 Mining Corp.

Major mining company Hut 8 Mining Corp (HUT) has a direct correlation to the value of cryptocurrencies being mined. Its stock price is down 75% since the beginning of the year.

Riot Blockchain, Inc.

Riot Blockchain, Inc. (RIOT) has lost 70% since the beginning of the year.

Bitcoin Group SE Shares

Bitcoin Group SE (BTGGF), which began trading on the exchange in the spring, has lost 60% since then.

Twitter Shares

Shares of Twitter (TWTR), which has been surrounded by fierce battles over Ilon Musk’s bid to buy it, have been quite volatile in the first half of this year. Despite this, Twitter’s capitalization has lost “only” 10% since the beginning of the year, which is a decent result compared to other companies.

Don’t expect Bitcoin company stocks are about to explode. Because no one can give accurate predictions.


Will Bitcoin’s (BTC) Price Crash if Kamala Harris Becomes President of the USA (ChatGPT Speculates)

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  • The presidential elections in the United States could severely affect the cryptocurrency market. Trump’s possible victory might boost BTC due to his pro-crypto stance, while his potential loss could have the opposite effect.
  • Biden’s withdrawal has Trump and Harris tied at 44% support each, while Robert Kennedy trails behind.

Bitcoin’s Possible Reaction

The US presidential elections, scheduled for November this year, have been a highly intriguing topic recently due to Joe Biden’s withdrawal from the race.

The current political leader of the States claimed his decision was “in the best interest” of the country, backing Vice President Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee. Shortly after, she received support from the majority of the party delegates, meaning she has the best chance to oppose the Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

The voting result may trigger enhanced volatility in the cryptocurrency market, particularly bitcoin’s (BTC) price. Over the past several months, Trump has presented himself as a pro-crypto candidate, promising to let the industry thrive. He also claimed America should increase its BTC mining efforts and opposed the idea of launching a central bank digital currency (CBDC). 

This has caused some industry participants to envision a crypto rally in the event of his potential election as the 47th President of the USA.

But what would happen to the market if his opponent wins? We referred to ChatGPT with that specific question. The AI-powered chatbot estimated that BTC’s valuation might be negatively impacted in the short term by such a development, assuming that Harris’ administration follows the steps of the current presidency.

Biden’s cabinet has previously addressed the risks related to the cryptocurrency industry, emphasizing the need to implement strict and comprehensive rules in the space. It also explored the idea of launching a CBDC. 

On the other hand, ChatGPT claimed that Harris’ potential election could benefit BTC investors if her administration enforces “a balanced regulatory framework that promotes innovation while ensuring security.”

Ultimately, the specific policies and regulatory measures implemented by her administration will play a crucial role in shaping Bitcoin’s market response. Market sentiment, global economic conditions, and other external factors will also significantly influence Bitcoin’s price,” the chatbot concluded.

Who Has the Upper Hand?

Recent polls show that Trump collects 43.5% support versus 40.2% for Biden. His lead started increasing at the end of June when the two opponents met for a public debate. The gap became even wider following the unsuccessful assassination attempt on Trump on July 13. Back then, a 20-year-old gunman shot at him, but the bullet only scraped his ear.

Biden’s withdrawal, though, has seemingly changed the distribution of the votes. According to Ipsos, Trump and Harris have equal chances (44% of the total support each) to emerge victorious in less than four months.

Robert Kennedy – the independent candidate – is trailing behind in the third spot. Interestingly, he has also publicly expressed strong support for BTC and voiced opposition to creating a digital dollar. Last year, he pledged to strengthen America’s official currency by backing it with certain precious metals and Bitcoin.

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Multipool Secures Strategic Investment from Industry Giant Kronos Research

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[PRESS RELEASE – Majuro, Marshall Islands, July 23rd, 2024]

Multipool, a leading innovator in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, today announces a strategic investment from Kronos Research. This investment solidifies Kronos’s stance of on-chain order books being the future of the industry and marks a significant milestone in strategic cooperation between the two companies and their commitment to decentralized finance.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with Kronos Research, with our expertise in the DeFi sector and the potential of our fully trustless decentralized on-chain orderbook, we envision an eventful future working with some of the best and brightest in the industry at Kronos Research.” Steve Murray, Core Contributor at Multipool.

“At Kronos, we have been leading the charge in liquidity provision, driven by our belief in trustless transactions and their transformative potential. We are thrilled to partner with Multipool to advance the digital asset landscape, providing enhanced solutions for global traders and investors.” Vincent Liu, COO of Kronos Research

The Future of Decentralized Finance

Multipool’s aim of delivering a fully on-chain trustless orderbook to the DeFi industry aligns with Kronos’s vision of democratizing access to compliant advanced financial tools. This marks the first step in a long and fruitful partnership that will bring stability, awareness and access to a suite of full decentralized tools currently in high demand industry wide.

To learn more about Multipool and its features, users can visit:



About Multipool

Multipool is a cutting-edge decentralized exchange (DEX) transforming the trading landscape for real-world assets (RWAs) and cryptocurrencies. Multipool is designed for fairness and equality, featuring a fully decentralized on-chain order book, deep liquidity through dynamic bracket pools, and seamless trading of RWAs and cryptocurrencies. Utilizing world-class innovations including industry-first FIX APIs, low latency networks, zero price impact auctions, trustless RFQs, peer-to-peer repo lending, and MEV bot protection, Multipool sets a new standard in DeFi trading. Experience unparalleled efficiency and security in the user’s trading journey with Multipool – The DEX with CEX appeal.


About Kronos Research

Kronos Research is a technology and data-driven trading firm transforming the digital asset landscape by cultivating a dynamic financial ecosystem with exceptional trading performance, advanced cryptocurrency investment strategies, and extensive liquidity provision capabilities.

Their advanced machine-learning techniques and state-of-the-art trading infrastructure form the backbone of our quantitative trading operations. These enables them to deliver precise data and insights, bolster risk management, develop effective trading strategies, and empower informed investment decisions.

By leveraging our expertise, they strive to foster strong partnerships and deliver significant value through continuous advancement and innovation.

For further information or media inquiries, users can contact:

Marketing Department


Social Media: [LinkedIn] [Twitter] [Facebook] [Instagram]

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Coinbase Premium Turns Positive in Early July: A Signal of Renewed Institutional Interest?

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The Coinbase premium turned positive in early July after a period of concern following a dip in mid-May

According to research from Kaiko, this could hint at a resurgence of institutional interest in Bitcoin.

Renewed Institutional Interest

The Coinbase premium, which measures the difference between hourly bitcoin prices on Coinbase’s BTC-USD pair and Binance’s BTC-USDT pair, is a key indicator of institutional sentiment in the cryptocurrency market.

On July 1, crypto analyst David Lawant pointed out that the Coinbase premium had fallen to worrying lows. He recalled a similar occurrence where a major crypto rally followed months after the premium had turned negative.

His analysis suggested that this metric could once again signal an upcoming market rally. By July 15, the premium surged to a two-month high, reinforcing Lawant’s bullish outlook.

According to Kaiko, this positive turn in early July followed its lowest level since the Terra collapse in 2022, witnessed at the end of June. Given that institutional trading volume makes up over 80% of activity on Coinbase, the premium is often seen as a measure of institutional sentiment.

Historically, the Coinbase premium has been closely linked with major market events. For instance, the collapses of Terra and FTX significantly reduced institutional demand for Bitcoin, causing the premium to dip into negative territory. However, the recent positive shift in the premium suggests an increase in institutional interest in BTC.

Kaiko also noted that the recent rise in the Coinbase premium may have been influenced by the increased volatility of Tether’s USDT. This volatility coincided with the European Union’s implementation of the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA), imposing stringent requirements on stablecoin issuers.

Tether, currently non-compliant with these regulations, faced restrictions for European Economic Area (EEA) users by major cryptocurrency exchanges. Consequently, USDT lost its peg to the USD at the end of June but managed to recover by early July on most exchanges despite continued struggles on less liquid platforms like Binance.US.

Spot-Driven Rally

Market analyst HornHairs interprets bitcoin’s largest Coinbase premium in two months as a sign that the current rally is primarily driven by spot buying. This suggests that the rally, if sustained, will be led by altcoins within the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, given their prominence as the first and second-largest networks in the crypto industry.

When bitcoin commands a higher price on the largest U.S. exchange, it indicates significant buying pressure from U.S. investors. This is particularly noteworthy because spot-driven rallies are typically seen as more sustainable and less risky compared to those driven by speculative derivatives products. Spot-driven rallies are considered healthier for the market, providing a more stable foundation for future growth.

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