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Unbiased review of Pocket Option broker



pocket option trading

Pocket Option is next, offering its clients more than 100 trading instruments, including the notorious binary options.

A brief history of the broker and awards

Pocket Option was founded relatively recently – in 2016. The main office is based in Cyprus. Pocket Option strategy is to provide customers with a modern trading platform on which any trader can make money through their skills.

Despite its small age, the broker has gained huge popularity. This is due to the active brand promotion on social networks and promotional videos on YouTube from top bloggers. The company is a promising young broker. Pocket Option app is available to users.

What services it offers

The list of services is taken from the official website:

  • Demo account and real account.
  • Training for novice traders.
  • Modern trading platform.
  • More than 100 assets for Pocket Option trading including БО.
  • OTC-platform (OTC transactions).
  • Automated following of other traders.
  • Tournaments for Pocket Option trading.
  • Bonus system.
  • Round the clock technical support.
  • Instruments for trading and investing.

Pocket Option trading – work with broker

To start trading, you have to create an account. You will get access to a personal account, where you can make transactions with options and other instruments.

Registration on the official site

The registration procedure is very simple. You need to fill out a small form, provide a correct email address and confirm it. Facebook users can register by simply allowing their profile details to be sent to the company’s website.

Instructions for account opening

To start trading on a real Pocket Option account, it is required to fulfill 2 conditions of the broker:

  • pass verification;
  • To replenish the balance for the minimum amount.

The verification process means the transfer of personal passport data to the broker. Hardly anybody will check their authenticity, but then the administration may deny the withdrawal of funds from the account, if the data was provided incorrectly.

Pocket Option demo

Pocket Option demo is available right after registration. You can trade on it at any time of the day or night and have unlimited virtual balances. Market liquidity is provided by bots, so virtual accounts may be used for practicing any trading strategies.

Depositing of the account and withdrawal of funds

You can deposit your account by one of 20 methods without any commission. The minimum amount on the Pocket Option is $50. When depositing the account, you need to determine whether you will participate in the bonus program or not. You can withdraw the money using the same methods that you deposited. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $30. Applications for withdrawal are processed manually, the time of receipt of money to the client – from 10 minutes to 3 days, depending on the load of the service.

Technical support

Technical support is available 24 hours a day. Clients can order a free phone call, send an email with a question, or communicate with an expert in the online chat.

If you are interested in binary options, we recommend Pocket Option.


Eurozone annual inflation rate slowed to 10% in November



eurozone inflation rate

Eurozone inflation rate rose 10% now. Inflation has slowed down from 10.6% in October, when the rate was at its highest since the start of calculations. Analysts polled by Trading Economics had expected inflation to slow to 10.4 percent.

Eurostat Eurozone inflation – current data

Consumer prices declined by 0.1% compared to the previous month. Consumer prices excluding volatile factors such as energy, food and alcohol (CPI Core Index tracked by the ECB) rose 5% year-on-year in October after rising the same amount in October.

Energy prices slowed to 34.9% in November after rising 41.5% in October. Manufactured goods prices rose 6.1%, the same as a month earlier. The U.S. is about the same, putting pressure on stock markets and even Apple stock prices today.

The cost of food, alcohol and tobacco products rose 13.6% after an increase of 13.1% in October. Services rose 4.2% (+4.3% a month earlier).

The highest inflation in annual terms was recorded in Latvia (21.7%), Estonia, and Lithuania (21.4%). The lowest price growth was observed in Spain (6.6%), France (7.1%) and Malta (7.2%).

Earlier we reported that the dollar is getting cheaper against major currencies.

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Dollar is getting weaker against major currencies



the dollar is going to crash

The dollar is getting weaker against major currencies in trading Thursday morning after U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Jerome Powell spoke the day before.

During a speech at the Brookings Institution on Wednesday, Powell reiterated that the Fed could slow the rise in the benchmark rate as early as December. “The time to moderate the pace of rate hikes may come as early as the next meeting,” Powell said.

The Fed chair, meanwhile, tried to balance those words with “hawkish” signals. Market Watch notes. He said that the U.S. Central Bank will have to raise the rate higher than could be expected a few months ago. Also, Powell made it clear that the issue of rate cuts is irrelevant at the moment. Against this background, the stock market and Tesla stock prices today in particular rose.

Another Fed official, Board of Governors member Lisa Cook, is confident that the regulator needs to keep raising the rate because inflation is still too high. “We’ve started to get more favorable inflation data. But I would be cautious about drawing big conclusions on just one month’s worth of data,” Cook said during a speech at the Detroit Economic Club.

Is the dollar going to crash? It’s premature to make such statements. So far, the euro has gained 0.36% against the dollar to $1.0443 against $1.0406 at the close of the session on Wednesday. The dollar/yen exchange rate declined 1.14% to 136.50 yen from 138.07 yen at the end of the previous session. The pound gained 0.31% to $1.2095against $1.2058 the day before.

The ICE-calculated index showing the dynamics of the US dollar against six currencies (euro, Swiss franc, yen, Canadian dollar, pound sterling and Swedish krona) is down 0.4%, while the broader WSJ Dollar Index is losing 0.6%.

Earlier we reported that unemployment in the Eurozone fell to 6.5% in October and in the EU to 6.0%.

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The unemployment rate in the eurozone decreased to 6.5% in October, to 6.0% in the EU



eurozone unemployment

The unemployment rate in the Eurozone was 6.5%. The index has fallen to a record low level in the history of its calculations. In September 2022, the unemployment rate was 6.6%. Analysts had expected the unemployment rate to remain at the September level of 6.6%, according to Trading Economics.

Eurozone unemployment fell to 6.0% from 6.1% a month earlier. There were 12.953 million unemployed in the 27 EU countries in October, of which 10.872 million were in the eurozone. Compared to October 2021, the number of unemployed fell by 1.158 million in the EU and 1.053 million in the euro area.

In October, there were 2.872 million unemployed young people (under 25 years of age) in the EU, of which 2.326 million were in the euro area. The youth unemployment rate in the EU and the euro area was 15.1% compared to 15.2% (EU) and 15% compared to 15.2% a month earlier (euro area). In the U.S., the situation is similar, which puts pressure on stock markets and in particular on NVIDIA stock prices today

Among EU countries the lowest unemployment rate in October was registered in Czech Republic (2.1%), Poland and Germany (3.0%), Malta (3.1%) and the highest in Greece (11.6%) and Spain (12.5%).

In France, unemployment remained at 7.1% and in Italy dropped to 7.8% from 7.9% in September.

Earlier, we reported that the Chinese stock market closed in the negative amid protests in China.

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