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Shiba Inu, Pepe Prices Pump Despite Crypto Crash, While New Dogeverse Meme Coin Also Rises

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While the crypto market has seen some bearish price action recently, a few meme tokens are bucking the trend.

Over the past 24 hours, Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Pepe (PEPE) have rallied, showing the resilience of joke coins in the current market climate.

However, a new meme project called Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) is generating the most buzz – with many touting it as the next breakout star in this niche.

Shiba Inu & Pepe Price Defy Crypto Crash with Resilient Rallies

Since yesterday, SHIB has bounced over 6% to trade around $0.000022, while PEPE is up 5% to $0.0000051.

The green candles for these two tokens stand out more when considering that the broader meme coin market has seen spot volumes contract by 35% over the same period.

That SHIB and PEPE have been some of the only meme coins to withstand the bearishness demonstrates how resilient demand remains for the top “culture coins.”

However, it’s worth noting that these tokens were actually up by double-digit percentages overnight before profit-taking caused a slight selloff this morning.

Regardless, SHIB and PEPE have managed to hold on to most of their gains.

Looking ahead, investors will be hoping they can break through minor resistance levels located just above their current price points.

Should these levels be broken, SHIB and PEPE could have a clear path back to last week’s peaks, representing a 27% to 47% rise, respectively.

Geopolitical Fears & Fed Fears Can’t Shake SHIB & PEPE

The gains made by SHIB and PEPE are even more remarkable considering the macroeconomic headwinds affecting the crypto market.

Over the weekend, geopolitical tensions flared after Iran conducted a series of drone strikes against Israel, spooking investors and leading to a sell-off of risk assets.

Meanwhile, spot Bitcoin ETFs have now seen net outflows for three consecutive days totaling over $58 million, according to SoSoValue data.

These relentless outflows could be attributed to the one-two punch of lingering sticky inflation and comments from Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell, who hinted at keeping interest rates higher for longer.

Yet amid all this turbulence, the demand for SHIB and PEPE has persevered.

While the overall sector has been hit, these two coins have remained resilient – which is great news for their “diamond hands” holders.

New Dogeverse Token Brings Multi-Chain Staking to the Meme Coin Space

SHIB and PEPE aren’t the only joke coins defying the meme coin market downturn.

The new kid on the block, Dogeverse, has continued gaining steam – recently passing the $6 million milestone in its presale phase.

Investors have been rushing to buy DOGEVERSE tokens at the current price of $0.000296 before an impending hike kicks in.

But Dogeverse brings much more to the table than a discounted price point.

Its multi-chain architecture allows DOGEVERSE holders to bridge their tokens between Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base.

An investor could purchase on Ethereum, bridge to Solana, and immediately start staking using Dogeverse’s protocol to earn a projected 168% APY.

This portable liquidity and staking functionality is helping Dogeverse capture the attention of new meme coin enthusiasts – and those interested in earning passive income over time.

Combine this with a capped total supply of 200 billion tokens (which contrasts with Dogecoin’s unlimited supply), and it’s easy to see why the buzz has been building on social media platforms.

Whether it’s Austin Hilton calling Dogeverse a “very cool” project or the project’s Telegram channel hitting 2,300 members, the momentum signals that this could be a new meme coin to watch in 2024.

Visit Dogeverse Presale

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BLVD United Signs MOU with MeDoDo Coin: Pioneering a New Era in Fan Engagement and Biotech Innovation

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[PRESS RELEASE – Los Angeles CA, United States, May 23rd, 2024]

In an unprecedented fusion of innovative science and advanced technology, a leading biotech company has unveiled an ambitious project to bring back the extinct Dodo Bird. Embracing the spirit of this fearless and curious bird, the company is also introducing the MeDoDo Coin.

Historically, the Dodo Bird was known for its fearless and inquisitive nature, often following humans out of sheer fascination. Inspired by this behavior, the MeDoDo Coin symbolizes the unwavering love and support fans offer their favorite artists, mirroring the Dodo Bird’s curious devotion. The MeDoDo Coin operates on the BEP-20 standard. This unique cryptocurrency aims to create a vibrant ecosystem where fans can connect with and support their beloved artists in ground-breaking ways.

In an exciting development, MeDoDo is finalizing talks with “The Plu9,” the world’s most anticipated and largest hip-hop metaverse. Designed by the visionary behind the phenomenally successful “Grand Theft Auto 5” (GTA 5), which grossed over $10 billion for Sony PlayStation, “The Plu9” will serve as the launch platform for this new digital ecosystem.

BLVD United, exclusively distributed by Universal Music Group, led by Managing Partner Damuer H. Leffridge, is spearheading the project. Leffridge has a storied history of collaborating with superstars like Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, YG, and Eric Bellinger. Notably, BLVD United was instrumental in the triumphant return of Billboard and Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award-winning multi-platinum group B2K, which achieved significant acclaim, including a nomination for Billboard Tour of the Year 2020.

Additionally, Leffridge piloted the affiliate sales and marketing efforts of the Zondervan published Audie Award-winning audio Bible, “The Bible Experience.” The project features a constellation of stars, including three Oscar winners, five Golden Globe winners, seven Emmy winners, and twenty-three Grammy winners. Led by Academy Award-winning actors Forest Whitaker, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Denzel Washington, along with Angela Bassett, Blair Underwood, and Samuel L. Jackson, establishing Leffridge’s expertise and significant presence in the industry.

Get ready to connect with music superstars, top producers, Hollywood icons, and your favorite industry legends from around the world in a groundbreaking way. The MeDoDo Coin and its exciting projects are poised to transform fan interaction and support, taking engagement to unprecedented levels.

About BLVD United

Driven by innovative projects across various media platforms BLVD United stands at the vanguard of the entertainment industry and a cutting-edge entertainment powerhouse with deepened industry experience complimented with a proven track record of success. BLVD United features an award-winning creative team of comprising industry veterans and celebrated artists.

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Multipool Enters Partnership with Mobilum Offering Users Fiat to DeFi On/Off Ramp

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[PRESS RELEASE – Majuro, Marshall Islands, May 23rd, 2024]

Multipool, a leading innovator in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry announces a corporate partnership with Mobilum. The partnership between Multipool and Mobilum will enable users to onboard onto cryptocurrencies without involving a centralized exchange.

“Centralized exchanges are on their way out, we’re thrilled to give users another option, without intrusive roadblocks to their DeFi lifestyle. This partnership offers a long list of benefits for both parties, with a truly DeFi onboard as the highlight. Getting MULLED is now much more accessible to the mass market” Steven Murray, a Core Contributor at Multipool.

“Mobilum is excited to connect with Multipool enabling their users with an efficient onboard ramp directly into DeFi without going via a centralized exchange. This partnership makes perfect sense and gives Mobilum direct access to Multipool’s extensive volume, deep liquidity, and retail users worldwide.” Wojciech Kaszycki, CEO – Mobilum Tech UAB

Never Have CEX Again

The world of crypto is heavily focused on DeFi (decentralized finance), but the only access point for the majority of people is via a centralized exchange. Multipool & Mobilum aim to change that, by offering users a simple and easy way into the world of crypto. With Mobilum, people can come to Multipool, directly into the DeFi world without having to touch a centralized exchange.

To learn more about Multipool and its features, users can visit:

Users can learn more about Multipool’s LBP live on Fjord Foundry now – Fjord Foundry $MUL LBP

About Multipool

Multipool is a cutting-edge decentralized exchange (DEX) transforming the trading landscape for real-world assets (RWAs) and cryptocurrencies. Multipool is designed for fairness and equality, featuring a fully decentralized on-chain order book, deep liquidity through dynamic bracket pools, and seamless trading of RWAs and cryptocurrencies. Utilizing world-class innovations including industry-first FIX APIs, low latency networks, zero price impact auctions, trustless RFQs, peer-to-peer repo lending, and MEV bot protection, Multipool sets a new standard in DeFi trading. Experience unparalleled efficiency and security in your trading journey with Multipool – The DEX with CEX appeal.

About Mobilum Technologies Inc.

Mobilum is a financial technology company providing various payments and banking solutions to bridge the gap between traditional finance and Web 3 economy. Building all-in-one infrastructure to meet global payment needs in both Web 2 and Web 3. Mobilum develops innovative products for retail and institutional clients enabling them to transfer, manage and spend fiat currencies and as digital assets alike in a safe, convenient and compliant manner. Poland, Lithuania, Canada and the United States. For further information, users can visit

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These USDT and USDC Factors Suggest Upcoming Bitcoin Rally: Data

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The latest market recovery has sparked concerns about a potential retracement. But a new analysis offers a reassuring perspective for those who are apprehensive.

According to Santiment, the growing number of non-empty stablecoin wallets indicates increased investor interest and engagement in stable assets.

Growing Confidence in Stablecoins During Market Recovery

Specifically, in 2024, the number of non-empty USDC wallets increased by 13.9%, while USDT wallets saw an even higher growth of 15.7%. This trend suggests that more investors are opting to hold stablecoins, which could stabilize the market and mitigate the impact of future retraces.

Santiment’s data further revealed a significant adoption and growth of stablecoin wallets. Among the stablecoins tracked, Tether (USDT) has the highest number of non-empty wallets, standing at a whopping 5.7 million. This figure highlights the widespread use and popularity of the leading stablecoin within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Next up is Circle’s USDC, with 2.15 million non-empty wallets, indicating a strong demand. Although lower than Tether, the USDC wallet count is still noteworthy, reflecting its growing acceptance and adoption despite last year’s setback.

The decentralized stablecoin, DAI, issued by MakerDAO, also attracted a notable presence with 503,180 non-empty wallets, indicating the increased interest in decentralized finance (DeFi) and the use of DAI as a stable asset within these protocols and applications.

Lastly, BUSD, the stablecoin issued by the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has 128,210 non-empty wallets. While lower than the others, this figure still represents a significant user base for BUSD, even after Binance ceased support of the token.

Stablecoin Market Growth 2024

The stablecoin market cap has seen tremendous recovery and growth this year, rising to $161.4 billion, which is indicative of heightened capital inflows into the market. The US spot Bitcoin ETFs sector significantly contributed to this growth as institutional investors and major traditional finance entities boosted their stablecoin holdings to capitalize on the ETF market.

According to Chainalysis’ recent findings, in January 2024 alone, the US recorded stablecoin purchases of over $30 billion.

Although the US and the EU continue to have a strong presence in the market, emerging economies like Thailand, Brazil, and particularly Turkey stand out for their stablecoin purchases relative to their national GDP.

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