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What should I buy? Facebook (FB) stock? Yahoo! (YHOO) stock? Or Google (GOOG) stock? That’s the question that thousands of traders in the financial world face every day. Now that some time has passed, how do these stocks compare to the weeks leading up to the IPO date? What’s next for them, and how can we get in on it? Let’s look at the future of these three stocks to see what might be on the horizon and your best strategy when deciding which stock you want to invest in.

Facebook Meta Stock Price

There are many reasons to monitor your Facebook stock price. Some want to make sure they don’t miss out on a big gain in their investment. Others want to stay informed about news related to Facebook—and potentially make decisions based on how it might affect stock prices. Whatever your reason for wanting to see how Facebook is doing on Wall Street, we’ve got you covered here with a quick overview of what affects FB stock price and what moves Meta Financial stocks. At its core, Facebook’s business is posting ads next to content you or others create every day—whether that’s original videos from friends or ads from companies trying to sell things. Facebook makes money when people click those ads.

Facebook Stock Price History

Meta financial stock price chart shows Facebook’s stock price history over the last 24 hours. According to the consensus estimate of Thomson Reuters analysts, the company is expected to earn $-0.14 per share for the current quarter. Its sales for the same period are estimated at $8,443 million in revenue, which had increased by 3.08% from last year’s corresponding quarter when it posted revenue of $8,215 million.

Facebook Stock Market

Facebook is a popular stock in which many investors have taken an interest due to its history of growth over time. This social media giant has proven to be a lucrative investment vehicle for those who know how to play it right. Though Facebook stocks are currently dropping again, they’ve historically been able to withstand economic downswings because people need their daily Facebook fix! If you’d like to invest in Facebook’s meteoric rise, keep up with their stock price history and track their drops through history and upcoming events that may affect them on our Facebook stock chart page. If you prefer not to invest directly in Facebook but still want exposure by investing in companies that do business with them or other FB meta financial stocks, check out Meta Financial Group’s stock price history.

Facebook Updates

Facebook announced its first loss ever as a public company (for Q1 2014), but it’s not too late to make money from Facebook stock—the drop was mainly due to past tax issues. So how can you capitalize on Facebook stock? You can start by looking at Facebook’s stock price history. In 2012, Facebook’s stock price history seemed like an unstoppable climb into heaven; between May 18th of that year and today’s news, though, we saw a $40 billion loss. When things look their worst, some investors sell out of their positions—so if you had bought into FB stock back then, you could have fared quite well… By looking at recent Facebook meta stock price trends and facebook stocks down (metaphorically), however.

Facebook Meta Stock Chart

After looking at the Facebook stock chart yesterday, Facebook stock price history, and yesterday’s Facebook stock chart, I see that Facebook’s shares were down $0.39 (-1.2%) to close at $28.37 per share on a day when it was predicted to rise. Facebook shares have been trading in a 52-week range of $23.15 -$78.05. The average volume for Facebook has been 3,326,000 over the past 30 days. The market cap for Facebook is $123 billion, with an outstanding float of 1 billion shares and 468 million options.

Facebook Meta Financial Stock

Facebook’s meta financial stock is down after another disappointing earnings report. While Facebook’s earnings report wasn’t as bad as expected, Facebook still fell short of Wall Street’s profit expectations when reported its first-quarter results on Wednesday. Facebook shares have been trading in a 52-week range of $23.15 -$78.05. The average volume for Facebook has been 3,326,000 over the past 30 days.

Shareholders Have To Vote On The Deal [Yesterday]

There are a few reasons why shareholders have to vote on Facebook’s deal with Microsoft. First off, the Facebook stock has dipped about 2% over last year, and there are concerns that it’s not worth 30 billion dollars. Other notable shareholders like Adam Pritzker (who sits on Facebook’s board) have also come out in opposition to yesterday’s announcement. There are fears that Zuckerberg is too young to make such a big deal, while others say there hasn’t been enough transparency regarding yesterday’s announcement. The biggest concern, though, seems to be that outside pressure forced Zuckerberg into agreeing to something he didn’t do to avoid losing control of his company. i

What Drove the Recent Increase in Facebook’s Market Cap?

Since Facebook went public on May 18th, 2012, its stock price has risen steadily. As of Monday afternoon, it was marketing at $43.27 per share. (To put that in point of view, that is still far from its IPO price of $38; if you had bought shares just a month after its initial offering for $38 each, sitting on about a 28% return.) But what drove such a big boost? To find out what might have caused investors to see potential in Facebook’s future, I turned to Google Trends. That is because Google Trends allows me to look at how frequently people searched for key phrases related to Facebook over time.

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